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DRAM drama

Hynix Semiconductor announced that it has developed technology that manufactures 40-nanometer class dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips. The microscopic production technology was the world’s first applied in the manufacturing of the fastest DDR3 DRAM. With the technology, Hynix, along with Samsung Electronics, which recently developed the first 40-nano DDR2 DRAM, has opened a new era in 40-nano memory chips.

Hynix and Samsung are the only two companies in the world that can produce 40-nano memory chips. Also, the two companies are the only ones in the world that have commercialized the production of 50-nano memory chips. In other words, the two leading Korean chipmakers are far ahead of global competition, producing 60- to 70-nano memory chips.

They say the technology of 40-nano DRAM will improve productivity by 50 to 60 percent. This is much higher than foreign companies, which are producing 60- to 70-nano memory chips. The core factor that determines competition in the semiconductor industry is the microscopic technology employed in the production process.

Korean companies are ahead of the competition because of their advanced technology, and skills that shine brighter during times of economic crisis.

High productivity based on advanced technology is the last stronghold for a company struggling to survive difficult times.

Although Samsung posted a deficit in the fourth quarter last year, it has secured a surplus on its overall annual performance. And Hynix, which suffered an operating loss of 1.9 trillion won last year, is still holding up compared to other foreign competition.

The German chipmaker Qimonda AG, which ranked fifth in the world, declared bankruptcy last month, and the world’s third largest, Japanese chipmaker Elpida Memory, finally asked for government assistance after suffering massive losses. Taiwanese chipmakers are also finding themselves forced to turn to the government for help if they are to stay afloat.

While foreign competition is falling away because of the global economic crisis, Korea should look to the achievements of its researchers in advanced technology and help related Korean companies expand market dominance.

Technology is not only for overcoming crises but also for turning problems into opportunities. So, hats off to the achievements of Hynix and Samsung.
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