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2009.2.12 Event Calendar


Feb. 17 to March 12: “All Beauties of the World and the Man Who Named Robot.” This exhibition, held by the Embassy of the Czech Republic, features two representative Czech writers: novelist and journalist Karel Capek (1890-1938) and poet and Nobel-laureate Jaroslav Seifert (1901-1986).

Capek’s works are imaginative, philosophical and humorous. He is credited with popularizing the word “robot,” from the Czech word robota, meaning labor.

A journalist and poet, Seifert reflected the Czechoslovakia of his time in such works as “The Hands of Venus” and “Put out the Lights.” He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1984.

The exhibition presents the life and works of the two writers, with displays including books and actual robots.

The exhibition is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. It will remain open until 9 p.m. on Wednesdays.

City Hall Station, line No. 2 exit 9

(02) 3789-5600, www.kfcenter.or.kr


Friday and Saturday: “Jump.” This musical is a non-verbal performance based on the traditional Korean martial art taekwondo. It earned the top box office award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005.

The story is about an eccentric family that loves to show off its amazing martial art skills. One day, a man, who is in love with the family’s daughter, visits their home and is roped into doing martial arts with them.

Despite his weedy exterior, he discovers that he is actually good at martial arts and the daughter begins to fall in love with him.

Then, two thieves, unaware of the family’s reputation, break into the house. Comedy ensues as they try to escape.

The musical showcases advanced movements from taekwondo, acrobatics and taekkyeon, another martial art, and is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Tickets cost 30,000 won ($22) for all seats.

The performance begins at 7:30 p.m.

Yeongdeungpo District Office Station, line No. 2 exit 4

(02) 2670-3125, www.interpark.co.kr


Saturday to March 22: “The Lower Depths.” Perhaps Maxim Gorky’s best-known play, “The Lower Depths” will be staged in Seoul.

It was written over the winter of 1901 and the spring of 1902. Subtitled “Scenes from Russian Life,” the musical depicts members of the Russian underclass, in a shelter near the Volga River.

It is a story about the lowest of the low in Tsarist Russia.

These are people who live on the fringes of society and the economy - working if they can, stealing if they must, selling themselves if that is the only way to get by - barely surviving but always drinking, gambling and carrying on.

One man’s wife is sick, and then dies of consumption, starvation and unhappiness.

Into this den comes Luka, a kind and wise old man they call “grandfather,” who preaches, by example, mostly kindness and understanding.

A terrible fight breaks out and word spreads that Luka has been killed.

What happened to the old man? And how will this complicated story of the poorest of the poor end?

The show will be staged at 8 p.m. on weekdays (except Mondays), 3 and 7 p.m. on Saturdays and 3 p.m. on Sundays.

Tickets range from 15,000 won to 50,000 won.

Nambu Bus Terminal Station, line No. 3, exit 5

(02) 580-1300, www.sac.or.kr


Saturday: “Ronn Branton’s Valentines’ Concert.” American jazz musician Ronn Branton will hold a romantic concert for Valentine’s Day.

Branton will be performing his work “Tiger,” with saxophonist Kenji Omae as special guest.

Branton has been working as a musician in Korea since 2001. Tiger is based on his thoughts and impressions during his stay here.

Branton has been studying Korean culture and history in depth, and is concerned about the destruction of nature and traditional culture by rapid economic development and industrialization. He hopes to convey the importance of Korean culture through his music.

For this romantic concert, Branton has also prepared songs related to flowers. From traditional songs to pop music, he has given the songs - about daffodils, magnolia blossoms and azalea - a jazzy rearrangement.

The concert begins at 8 p.m.

Tickets range from 20,000 won to 50,000 won.

Apgujeong Station, line No. 3, exit 4

(02)2056-5757, www.jcah.co.kr


Saturday: “Valentine Serenade.” Are you in love? Or are you ready to fall in love?

This concert features three pianists, No Young-shim, Isao Sasaki, and Park Jong-hoon, and crossover tenor Im Tae-kyung as a special Mr. Valentine for the day.

With their different styles and techniques, the three pianists will present their different thoughts on love.

The concert begins at 3 and 8 p.m.

Tickets range from 33,000 won to 99,000 won.

Nambu Bus Terminal Station, line No. 3, exit 5

(02) 522-9933, www.sac.or.kr


Sunday: “2009 Jeju Music Isle Festival - Gala Concert with Nanse Gum.” With artistic director Nanse Gum, a chamber music gala concert will be held as part of the Jeju Music Isle Festival.

The Borromeo String Quartet, consisting of Nicholas Kitchen (violin), Kristopher Tong (violin), Mai Motobuchi (viola) and Yessun Kim, will play together with musicians from all over the world.

Guest performers include Yayoi Toda (violin), Denise Djokic (cello), Massimo Mercelli (flute), Darko Brlek (clarinet), Anders Oien and Thomas Kjekstad (guitar) and Kyoko Hashimoto and Jeongwon Kim (piano).

Gum is a forceful and dynamic conductor whose love and understanding for music has made him one of the most respected in his field.

He studied in Berlin under professor Hans-Martin Rabenstein and later went to Paris to learn from Pierre Dervaux.

He was appointed conductor of the Korea Philharmonic Orchestra (currently the KBS Symphony Orchestra) and has enriched its repertoire by developing music programs for the orchestra and featuring a number of talented soloists.

Formed in 1989 by four young musicians, the Borromeo String Quartet debuted in New York and Washington.

The quartet has been winning international recognition and has participated in many international chamber music festivals.

The group has worked on a variety of projects spanning traditional quartet presentations and bold experiments with percussionists, jazz musicians and multimedia presentations.

In this concert, the quartet will play Weber’s Clarinet Quintet in B major Op. 34 and Schumann’s String Quartet No. 1 in A minor.

The concert begins at 2:30 p.m.

Tickets range from 20,000 won to 100,000 won.

(02)3473-8744, www.interpark.co.kr



KTF Magic Wings vs. KT&G Kites

Busan, 7 p.m.

Mobis Phoebus vs. LG Sakers

Ulsan Dongchun, 7 p.m.


Daegu Orions vs. Dongbu Promy

Daegu, 7 p.m.

Samsung Thunders vs. KCC Egis

Jamsil, 7 p.m.


KTF Magic Wings vs. SK Knights

Busan, 3 p.m.

KT&G Kites vs. LG Sakers

Anyang, 3 p.m.

Mobis Phoebus vs. ET Land Black Slamer

Ulsan Dongchun, 3 p.m.


SK Knights vs. Mobis Phoebus

Jamsil, 3 p.m.

Daegu Orions vs. Samsung Thunders

Daegu, 3 p.m.

ET Land Black Slamer vs. KT&G Kites

Incheon Samsan, 3 p.m.

Dongbu Promy vs. KCC Egis

Wonju Chiak, 5 p.m.


KCC Egis vs. KTF Magic Wings

Jeonju, 7 p.m.


Mobis Phoebus vs. Samsung Thunders

Ulsan Dongchun, 7 p.m.

Daegu Orions vs. KT&G Kites

Incheon Samsan, 7 p.m.




Daejeon Samsung Blue Fangs vs. Sangmu


Daejeon Chungmu Gym, 7 p.m.


Korean Air Jumbos vs. LIG Greaters

Incheon Dowon City Gym, 2 p.m.


Daejeon Samsung Blue Fangs vs. Hyundai Skywalkers

Daejeon Chungmu Gym, 2 p.m.

Suwon Kepco 45 vs. Sangmu KAFAC

Suwon Gym, 2 p.m.


Suwon Kepco 45 vs. Daejeon Samsung Blue Fangs

Suwon Gym, 7 p.m.


LIG Greaters vs. Sangmu KAFAC

Gumi Park Jung Hee Gym, 7 p.m.


Korean Air Jumbos vs. Hyundai Skywalkers

Incheon Dowon City Gym, 7 p.m.



Today to Saturday: The Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival has kept alive the culture of Jeju cattle breeding, bringing it up to date for today’s lifestyle.

The Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival 2009 is in its 13th year since its launch in 1997.

This festival is distinct from other events in the region in its use of fire, the moon, volcanic rock and the horse as its main themes.

Events will include a reading of goodwill messages, a torchlight march, hanging sacrificial prayer papers and the burning of “moon houses,” or stacks of hay.

The event promises tourists the full grandeur of the fire festival with more participants in the torchlight march compared to previous years, a longer burning ritual and a simulated volcanic eruption. In addition, visitors will get to sample Jeju specialties.

Other events include an area for roasting food and a Jeongwol Daeboreum Theme Food Sampling area to hark back to the meaning of the Fire Festival. A Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival Photo Contest will also be held. Flights leave from Seoul’s Gimpo Airport to Jeju daily.

(064) 728-2894, www.buriburi.go.kr


To Saturday: The city of Sokcho in Gangwon is hosting the first-ever “Sokcho Water Fire Festival” to celebrate an ancient legend and demonstrate traditional fireworks from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Various exhibits, contests and street festivals will heat up the cold winter.

At the opening of the festival on Feb 6, water fire - blazing bonfires just above the surface of the water - and a sphere vision multimedia show will tell the story of two dragons, one blue and one yellow, coming to Cheongcho Lake.

The show concludes with stunning fireworks celebrating the arrival of the dragons at the lake.

Visitors can cross a floating bridge over Cheongcho Lake or ride small boats across it. The lake will be decorated with water fire and colorful lanterns. There will be other fire-related events as well.

To get to Sokcho from Seoul, take a bus from the Express Bus Terminal.

(033) 639-2144, www.interpark.co.kr

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