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Rachel Getting Married (15)

Drama / 112 min. / English

See full review, left.

Marley and Me (12)

Family, Drama, Comedy / 120 min. / English

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The International (18)

Thriller, Action / 117 min. / English

Interpol Agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) discovers that IBBC Bank, one of the most influential international financial organizations, is involved in money laundering and arms trading.

With Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts), Louis attempts to expose the illegal activities, going from Berlin to Milan, New York to Istanbul in his quest for justice. But as they get closer to the truth, they are chased by the CIA and anonymous crime organizations.

The Unborn (15)

Horror / 87 min. / English

This is a supernatural thriller about malevolent spirits that refuse to leave the human world, instead lurking around hoping to inhabit the body of a person.

Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman) is suffering from strange nightmares, with visions of scary looking dogs and an evil blue-eyed child.

She begins to suspect that she is being haunted by the soul of her dead twin, and as she probes the matter further, finds out why.

Can Sendak (Gary Oldman) the rabbi successfully perform an exorcism?

Revolutionary Road (18)

Drama / 118 min. / English

Set in the 1950s, this film tracks April (Kate Winslet) and Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) in their quest for that elusive “more.”

Young and idealistic when they meet, Frank and April find themselves devastatingly unhappy, their lives mired in mediocrity, seven years later.

They decide to move to France, but as their relationship deteriorates into an endless cycle of squabbling and recriminations, their dreams of self-fulfillment are thrown into jeopardy.

Cherry Blossoms (18)

Drama / 127 min. / German

Trudi (Hannelore Elsner) learns that her husband Rudi (Elmar Wepper) is terminally ill. But she doesn’t tell Rudi, instead planning a trip to Berlin to see their family.

But all her plans are spoiled as Trudi suddenly dies. Rudi is left alone and decides to see life through Trudi’s eyes. He starts by visiting Tokyo for the cherry blossom festival.

Doubt (15)

Drama / 104 min. / English

A strict, well-disciplined Catholic school is going through major changes following political upheaval in society in 1964.

They start by accepting their first black student, Donald Miller. However, as Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) gives Donald special attention, Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) doubts that their relationship is appropriate. Although her instincts tell her she is right, she has no proof. But her determination to get to the truth pits her in a battle of wills against Father Flynn, threatening to tear the entire community apart.

This movie, originally a play that won a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Awards, was nominated for Academy Awards for adapted screenplay, best supporting actor (Hoffman) and best actress (Streep).

He’s Just Not That Into You (15)

Comedy, Romance / 129 min. / English

The best-selling book “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Behrendt, who was a consultant on “Sex and the City,” is brought to life on the big screen by an all-star ensemble.

Beth (Jennifer Aniston) wants to get married to her boyfriend Neil (Ben Affleck), who thinks that as long as they love each other, marriage is not such a big deal. Mary (Drew Barrymore) tries to find love online, but her dates are always failures.

Janine (Jennifer Connelly) suspects that husband Ben (Bradley Cooper) can’t resist the seductive charms of Anna (Scarlett Johansson). Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) is always sitting by the phone waiting for a call from her last date.

Will any of them ever find a guy who’s just so into them?

The Secret of Moonacre (All)

Fantasy, Adventure / 103 min. / English

The 5,000th moon is about to rise, and a curse is released that threatens the world.

Maria (Dakota Blue Richards) has just lost her father and goes to Moonacre castle to live with her uncle, Benjamin (Ian Gruffudd).

But there’s something strange going on at the castle and Maria discovers the Moonacre Chronicle. In the book she discovers the castle’s secret and that she is the Moon Princess, who can break the curse.

Can she stop the Black Men from starting their revenge on the world?

Garfield’s Fun Fest (All)

Comedy, Adventure, 3D Animation / 80 min. / English

The funniest cartoon cat is back on the big screen. However, this time, not everyone appreciates his humor. His overconfidence eventually makes his girlfriend turn her back on him.

Doomed, Garfield (Frank Welker) hits the road with Odie (Gregg Berger) to find the mystic forest. There, they hope to find magic water that can bring his wit back just in time for the upcoming funniest cat contest. But can he bring back the glory days?

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