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Slumdog Millionaire (15)

Drama/ 120min/ English

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Gran Torino (12)

Drama / 116 / English

See full review, bottom left.

Elegy (18)

Romance, Drama / 112 / English

David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley) is a charismatic New York City professor who doesn’t believe in love. He keeps his relationships casual, and never counts them as love.

One day, he is mesmerized by a stunning grad student called Consuela (Penelope Cruz). At first Kepesh thinks of Consuela as a one night stand, but, despite a 30-year age gap, they quickly fall in love.

But things go awry and Kepesh becomes jealous of his younger partner, and he eventually pushes Consuela away.

After she leaves, he feels only the absence of love.

Push (15)

SF, Action / 111 / English

The “Mover”, Nick Gant (Chris Evans), is a second-generation psychic whose father is killed by the Division, a secret government agency that’s intent on turning people with special psychic powers into warriors.

The “Watcher” (Dakota Fanning) tries to bring Nick out of the dark and look for the “Pusher” (Camilla Belle), who holds the key to halting the Division’s brutal activities. She has escaped from the Division using her ability to control other people’s memories. Other psychics rally together to fight the repressive government.

Tokyo Sonata (12)

Drama / 119 / Japanese

Kenzie (Inowaki Kai), in the 6th grade, wants to take piano lessons and audition for music school. But his father is pigheaded about his son’s music talent so Kenzie decides to take lessons without telling him.

However, it turns out that Kenzie is not the only one with secrets in the house.

His father has recently been fired, his mother has suddenly disappeared and his brother has enlisted to fight for the U.S. Army.

How will the family become reunited?

The Accidental Husband (15)

Romance, Comedy, Drama / 90 / English

Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) is a sensible and popular relationship consultant. Even better, her fiance, Richard (Colin Firth) is the nicest looking and most romantic man in New York.

But Richard is in for a rude awakening when he discovers that the other half of New York’s most admired couple is actually married to another man.

In fact, it’s a surprise to Emma as well - and right before her wedding she has to hunt down the man she had accidentally married and somehow get a divorce.

Patrick (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Emma’s “husband,” is, it turns out, a hunky fireman. Emma is attracted to this man in spite of herself.

Friday the 13th (18)

Horror / 97 / English

Twenty years ago, a mother thought she lost her son in Crystal Lake. She goes after the survivors in the original killings but is herself killed, and someone witnesses the crime: Jason, her son.

After that horrifying incident, the lake area was closed for good.

Legend becomes reality when Trent (Travis Van Winkle) and his friends come to a lake house there for a vacation.

They meet Clay (Jared Padelcki), who lost his sister six weeks earlier. Together, the young people attempt to unravel the story of Jason (Derek Mears) even as they are killed one by one.

Open Season 2 (All)

Family, Animation / 77 / English

In this sequel to the animated film from 2006, Boog (Mike Epps) and Elliot (Joel McHale) have put their lives as pets behind them and are enjoying their freedom.

On the day of Elliot and his girlfriend Giselle’s (Jane Krakowski) wedding, Weenie (Cody Cameron), who misses being a pet, or rather misses the free food, runs back to his owner’s home. The other animals plan to spring him at the start of spring vacation.

However, Fifi (Crispin Glover), the leader of the pets, does everything she can to stop their grand plan. Winnie’s escape seems hopeless, but Boog and Elliot come up with a brilliant idea.

Watchmen (18)

Mystery, Action, Sci-Fi / 161 / English

Set at the height of the Cold War, “Watchmen” follows an ensemble cast of masked heroes whose time has passed.

Outlawed and marginalized, most have hung up their capes and gotten on with their lives.

One who hasn’t is the uncompromising vigilante paranoiac calling himself Rorschach.

When the masked-hero-turned-sadistic-rapist, the Comedian, is murdered, Rorschach chases a conspiracy that brings his old friend the Nite Owl (Patrick Wilson) out of retirement.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union is pushed to the edge of nuclear attack by the existence of Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup), a man who through an accident has been untethered from space and time, able to manipulate matter as he sees fit.

Now the superman is working with Ozymandias to save the world from destruction.

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