[Letters] The young need sex education

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[Letters] The young need sex education

In our society, sex is considered almost like a taboo subject. There’s no specific system or curriculum at most schools for sex education for teenagers. Moreover, many adults, including some parents and teachers, tend to even avoid making any comments on the topic of sex. But due to the recent AIDS scare in Jecheon and several other related issues, I have come to think there is an urgent need for a more organized system of sex education.

In fact, just teaching teens at school more specifically and frequently about safe ways to have sexual relationships would significantly reduce the rate of teen pregnancy and contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS (HIV), syphilis or gonorrhea. There’s a lack of sex education during the middle school years and I myself have never received any kind of sex education since I entered high school.

Parents often argue that the school is responsible for sex education. In addition, many adults and this society considers it wrong or a bad thing for adolescents to even know about sex. But in order to prevent the spread of sex-related issues and STDs, which are now considered as an everyday phenomenon thoughout our society, people should overcome stereotypes and become more open-minded.

In short, I really think a formal and regular sex education program could benefit not only physical health but also help students to get rid of sexual fantasies and stay focused on studying hard.

I strongly believe that one’s health is paramount and therefore, the adults in our society should realize the importance of sex education. The ministry of education or the ministry of health should create a more organized system of sex education for the sake of the nation’s children.

Choi Jin-wook, student,

Seoul Foreign Language High School, Seoul
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