[Letters] Climate change blame game

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[Letters] Climate change blame game

When it comes to combating climate change and who has the biggest obligation in this fight, we must first ask ourselves, can climate change be blamed on a single culprit? In the global era, mass manufacturing and industrial pollution have initiated a chain reaction that has resulted in climate change. So who are we to blame? Is it the developed countries, such as the United States and China, which are responsible, or is it the developing countries, like India or Colombia, which contribute to this disaster with their lax regulations on industrial waste control?

The simple answer is both. Regardless of their development, all countries have contributed to the climate crisis; therefore, all must take responsibility, albeit in different ways.

There are two approaches: One is to give developed nations the sole obligation to combat climate change. The other is to make a distinction between the obligations of countries based on whether they are developed or developing.

The second prospect seems more attractive to me, with developed countries sharing the obligation with the developing countries. Developed countries would actively combat climate change with scientific knowledge and technological advances, while developing countries would focus on increasing awareness and public regulations.

Such a proposal would benefit both developed and developing countries. Not only would the developed countries have less of a burden to carry, but developing nations can pitch in and do something to address the crisis.

Developing nations might complain about being obligated to combat climate change given their lack of resources. But all countries must take responsibility for the problem just as all will benefit from cooperation in saving the world.

Kim Tae-bin, Cheongshim International Academy
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