[Letters] Shin makes a mockery of justice

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[Letters] Shin makes a mockery of justice

I strongly disagree with the opinion in “Rough justice?” [Editorial, March 7]. It mentioned [Supreme Court Justice] Shin Young-chul’s e-mail “can be as a reasonable act of supervision as the head of Seoul Central District Court.” I think that his outrageous e-mail interfered in the trial and he also disgraced the Court and obstructed justice.

Although he has been saying that he went through due formalities according to the law, there is enough evidence to prove his dishonesty.Shin has changed his words whenever new suspicions have arisen. He claimed there was no meeting with any judges regarding assignment of cases on candlelight demonstrations against U.S. beef imports. But there was definitely an unjustified meeting in his office. Moreover, he asked the judges not to mention anything about the meeting. If Shin carried out his actions as a supervisor as he claimed, why did he try to cover up his tracks?

Shin also remarked that the candlelight demonstrator cases had been assigned randomly so it was impossible for him to have interfered with the cases. The Ministry of Court Administration announced that Shin had already known there was iniquity in the case division and had interfered with the trials. Therefore, the ministry asked the Committee on Ethics to investigate Shin.

I believe Shin has broken the law in order to gain advancement. His ambition has been achieved; however, he has been proved morally unqualified to be a justice of the Supreme Court. He must resign from the position before it is too late.

Jang Hogh, teacher
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