[Letters]President’s dangerous ecological errors

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[Letters]President’s dangerous ecological errors

Regarding “A green heritage” [Editorial, Feb. 28]: The statement by the president to develop a green belt to solve the housing shortage is not to be taken lightly.

I feel sorry that the president has displayed such an incomplete understanding of a most serious problem. Contrary to his belief, Korea is suffering from a surplus of houses. In order to meet the public’s housing needs, the government has been constructing apartments. But it is only the Gangnam area that is still in high demand and witnessing a shortage. Many would agree it is not availability but the unreasonable cost that discourages people from owning homes. Instead of destroying the “capital’s lungs,” the government must take measures to stabilize the market.

Also, I am taken aback to find that the president after dealing with severe water shortages throughout the nation last year displayed such a blunt lack of concern for the environment. Any reader who has read “Our urgent water crisis” (March 2) would agree that Korea is under threat from global warming. Measures to prevent further droughts have been hot issues.

One would have expected a campaign to plant more trees instead of destroying them. The key for the next generation will not be capitalism or the economy but the environment.

The current economy seems unpromising, and it must be painful for the new government. However, the environment is a heritage promised to the next generation. Instead of stealing the future, it is time for the government to scrutinize the roots of our housing problems, and take action to cut down the bubble in housing prices.

Hwang Jung-hwa, teacher
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