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2009. 4.10 NOW PLAYING

The Uninvited (15)

Horror, Thriller / 87 / English

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New in Town (12)

Drama / 122 / English

An ambitious career woman, Lucy Hill (Renee Zellweger), has high hopes for a glittering career. But when she lands in windswept Minnesota where she is expected to restructure a blue-collar factory, she wins little more than a frosty reception from the locals. Alienated, she stumbles through the small town in her stiletto heels wondering why everyone is so skeptical, especially union representative Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick Jr.). Will there be romance and how will Lucy save the impecunious town and still have friends?

Thomas and Friends (All)

Animation, Family / 60 / Dubbed in Korean

Thomas stumbles across the long-forgotten town of Great Waterton after taking a wrong turn and managing to avoid getting crushed by a collapsing bridge. The boss orders Thomas to restore the town in time for Sodor Day - Sodor is the island where Thomas and friends live. Stanley, a new and strong train, comes to help Thomas rebuild the town, taking the spotlight away from the tank engine. And then, all of a sudden, Thomas is gone from the neighborhood.

Fast and Furious (15)

Action / 99 / English

Ex-con Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) has recently lost his girlfriend, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and he tears back to LA for revenge. Meanwhile, Agent Brian (Paul Walker) is chasing one of the city’s most notorious gangs and discovers the truth about Letty’s demise.

Immersing themselves in the underworld ready for payback, Dom and Brian build an uneasy friendship as they battle a common foe. Expect lots of explosions, fast cars, loud music and hopelessly wooden acting.

Bride Wars (12)

Comedy / 89 / English

It’s true: Best friends become worst enemies if their dreams are threatened. Successful lawyer Liv (Kate Hudson) and dedicated school teacher Emma (Anne Hathaway) are great pals until they find out they are getting married at the same hotel on the same date.

But not to the same guy, thank heavens.

They’ve been planning their dream weddings for years but now it’s pistols at dawn. Terrified one will upstage the other, the two ex-pals resort to mean tactics to spoil the other’s dream day. Will the tale end happily? You betcha.

The Reader (18)

Drama / 123 / English

Michael (David Kross), 15, is helped by a stranger, Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), 36, when he is overcome by nausea and vomits on the street. He visits Hanna after he recovers, and before you can say “Oscar nomination,” Michael and Hanna are tumbling into bed and into love. For reasons that become clear later in the film, Hanna asks Michael a post-coital favor: to read to her. The teenager agrees and delves into the “Odyssey,” a bit of Mark Twain and some Tintin. But their idyll doesn’t last. Hanna abruptly leaves and it’s not until years later that their paths cross once more. Michael has gone into law and he attends a trial where he finds Hanna charged with war crimes. Is she really a villain responsible for the deaths of 300 Jewish women? And what is the connection with books? Winslet won the Academy Award for Best Actress and the movie is based on Bernhard Schlink’s best selling 1995 novel.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (12)

Comedy, Drama, Romance / 105 / English

This movie, based on the international best seller by novelist Sophie Kinsella, is the spiritual successor to “The Devil Wears Prada.” Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a New York fashionista who can’t stop shopping. Her debts eventually start to soar and her credit card company cuts her off. In a fortuitous twist of fate, she gets a job at a financial magazine despite not knowing much about finance. There, she manages to attract the attention of her boss, Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy), and finds her flair for fashion is the key to her success.

Summer Hours (12)

Drama / 100 / French

Helene, a seasoned art collector, worries about what she’ll leave behind when she dies. After her passing, her three children are left to wrangle over the fate of her collection. Frederic (Charles Berling), a professor, can’t bear the thought of seeing his mother’s house or art works sold, but his siblings, Adrienne (Juliette Binoche), a designer, and Jeremie (Jeremie Renier) a businessman, have other plans.
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