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2009.4.17 NOW PLAYING

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Drama, Romance / 96 / English

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New in Town (12)

Drama / 122 / English

An ambitious career woman, Lucy Hill (Renee Zellweger), has high hopes for a glittering career. But when she lands in windswept Minnesota where she is expected to restructure a blue-collar factory, she wins little more than a frosty reception from the locals. Alienated, she stumbles through the small town in her stiletto heels wondering why everyone is so skeptical, especially union representative Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick Jr.). Will there be romance and how will Lucy save the impecunious town and still have friends?

Knowing (12)

Action, Mystery / 121 / English

Professor John Koestler (Nicholas Cage) is faced with a difficult challenge after he stumbles on a startling discovery. He finds that a girl in 1958 had predicted every major catastrophe in the past 40 years, compelling Koestler to try to prevent further disasters. Together with the daughter of the now deceased girl, Diana Wayland (Rose Byrne), he takes it upon himself to alert skeptical authorities and to stop destruction from taking place. Will his endeavors succeed? Or will events lead to global chaos?

Forever Enthralled (12)

Drama / 118 / Chinese

Opera performer Mei Lanfang (Leon Lai) comes into conflict with his long-respected mentor. Mei, who aspires to revolutionize the performing arts field, does not agree with his teacher’s belief that tradition is supremely important. Mei changes when he meets the love of his life, Meng Xiaodong (Zhang Ziyi), a beautiful and talented Peking Opera singer. But fate leads Mei to another life in the United States and Mei is forced to choose between love and work. Based on the legendary Chinese performer who was famous for playing female roles in the 1930s, Forever Enthralled was directed by Chen Kaige, and was shown in competition at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival for the Golden Bear award last February.

Duplicity (12)

Action, Thriller / 125 / English

Ex-CIA agent Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) and former MI6 operative Ray Koval (Clive Owen) are each given elaborate undercover missions at rival companies. But Stenwick and Koval are not just the finest around, they also have a past together. While the two rival CEOs (Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti) are battling for top position in their industry, Stenwick and Koval set up a plan to run away with millions. But can they trust each other? And will they succeed? The movie is a second collaboration for Roberts and Owen following the romantic drama movie “Closer.”

District B13 Ultimatum (15)

Action / 100 / French

The unlikely but well matched duo, Leito (David Belle) and Damien Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli) are back.

The movie is a sequel to the previous film, “District B13.” Leito, an easygoing street fighter, and Damien, a tough undercover police officer, have returned to the district but nothing has changed despite the promises of the new administration. Crime, drugs and poverty still haunt the streets. Damien and Leito are once again determined to bring peace to the blighted area suburbs before the Parisian government decide to take drastic measures.

The Uninvited (15)

Horror, Thriller / 87 / English

Based on the 2003 Korean horror movie “A Tale of Two Sisters,” this film portrays a family with some dark secrets.

Teen sisters Anna (Emily Browning) and Alex (Arielle Kebbel), come into conflict with Rachel (Elizabeth Banks), who used to work as the nurse of the girls’ deceased mother. While Anna suffers from psychiatric problems, Rachel gets involved in an affair with their father. So the girls attempt to reveal who Rachel really is.

Slumdog Millionaire (12)

Drama / 120 / English

Winner of eight Oscars, four Golden Globes and seven BAFTA Awards, “Slumdog” depicts the coming of age of Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), a product of Mumbai’s shantytowns, who works his way up from his impoverished roots to becoming a middle-class chai-wallah, an office tea server, only later to find himself a contestant on India’s version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Son of Rambow (12)

Comedy / 96 / English / Opens May 7

Last week the JoongAng Daily listed “Son of Rambow” as being released yesterday. It has since been pushed back to May 7.
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