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[Letters]Take a page from Soviet fall

What really caused the Soviet Union to collapse? Most people think that it was due to the work of United States President Ronald Reagan. I’m not questioning the measures he took to pressure the Soviet Union, but it was the citizens of the Soviet republics who were the main cause of the fall, not Reagan. More specifically, the fundamental cause was the country’s depressed economy. The crippled economy and the low quality of life of the Soviet people led them to confront their government. As more citizens compared their countries to developed, democratic nations, opposition to communism rose and they sought democracy.

My point is that a similar pattern is turning out for the two Koreas. North Korea’s finances may have long ago run out, certainly after the recent rocket launch which cost them a year’s worth of food. Currently, the North is busy announcing that it will choose isolation from the rest of the world and develop nuclear weapons and so on. Neither their economy nor the quality of life of their citizens would be helped by the reactivation of nuclear facilities. What I see here is that history is about to repeat itself.

South Korea must show some strong responses to pressure North Korea, such as joining and ratifying the PSI. We have no other alternative but to do so because North Korea has decided to make provocative threats and brought this on themselves. The world is fed up and has had enough of this nuclear nonsense. Stop delaying joining the PSI. Lee Chang-hwan, student, Pung-duck High School
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