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[Letters]Teenagers without scruples

Korea is known for its deep Confucianism, but the country no longer exemplifies traditional courtesy. Can this be said only about some teenagers who behave rudely?

The bad manners of teenagers have already crossed the line and are difficult to control. Not only do teenagers beat up the elderly and rape women without remorse, some even commit murder. Even more shocking, sometimes there is no specific reason for them committing such crimes.

Statistics show that the primary factor causing them to behave aggressively is their poor environment, so the government must come up with appropriate solutions to prevent this vicious cycle. A poor environment for young people refers to, among other things, parents divorcing and a household in a bad economic situation. These factors are said to lead to teenagers trying to get attention by behaving aggressively.

The government should realize that subsidizing teenagers only with money is not enough to prevent a descent into bad behavior. It should provide them with face-to-face consultations with therapists or experts in the field. If these measures are not taken promptly, there may be no way to save our teens. Chung Eun-jee, Seoul
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