[Letters] On sacrifice: first, seek consensus

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[Letters] On sacrifice: first, seek consensus

Regarding the editorial, “Sacrificial spirit will revive us” [April 14], I have a different opinion. Although I [agree we should] celebrate the 90th anniversary of the provisional government in Shanghai and our forefathers’ patriotic sacrifices to restore the colonized country, your urging to “sacrifice to overcome today’s economic crisis and social chaos and to pursue public virtue and prosperity” seems to be on the wrong track.

First, let’s reconsider the real reasons for the current political corruption and economic instability. We should take into account the crucial element in patriotism when we use that word. Patriotism can contribute to society only when it is predicated on national consensus. Failure to reach consensus about government policy will cause social conflict or dictatorship. Our ancestors must have known that a nation’s progress in many respects is related to political freedom; therefore they unified voluntarily, from the bottom of their hearts.

Also, when we look back on our history when authority was concentrated in a few people without agreement by most of the nation, there were conflicts and corruption that impeded potential growth. In other words, economic progress is inextricable from social stability. How then can we reach agreement to improve our society?

Freedom of speech should be protected in all cases. For example, the controversies about the broadcasters YTN and KBS need to be resolved. The revision of the law on the press should be reconsidered to gain approval from the nation. The merging of the press and business may bring about injustice. Equally important, the National Assembly must reflect the diverse classes in our society and make policies to reduce social gaps.

Politicians must be considerate when planning and carrying out policies. I strongly suggest that the government carefully reconsider the regulations and laws on speech before urging the people to sacrifice.

Mun Eun-yong, dongli2@hanmail.net

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