[Letters] Awash in trash

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[Letters] Awash in trash

Last weekend I went with my family to Gyeongju and Gampo. The scenery was beautiful, until we started looking closely at the surroundings. We went to Millennium Park and watched a spectacular drama on a stage which has a pond in the foreground. At the bottom of the pond we saw Coke bottles, potato chip bags, cookie boxes and other ugly evidence of people’s carelessness and lack of regard for environmental care.

We spent the evening in Gampo, and while walking on the beach watching the waves breaking on the rocks, we couldn’t help getting upset by encountering at almost every step soju bottles, plastic bags, ramyon bowls and assorted trash floating or submerged.

It then occurred to my brother and me that this might be a good test to see to which country Dokdo belongs to. Simply walk around the islet and check the shore. If it is rife with trash, it must be Korean. If the beach is clean and unsullied by trash, it must belong to Japan.

This is so sad because Korea has the potential to be such a beautiful country, if anyone cared.

David Woelke, Busan
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