[Letters] Thwarting sex crimes against kids

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[Letters] Thwarting sex crimes against kids

Regarding “Outing child sex offenders”, [Editorial, April 18], I think the government should share information about them with the public.

The government should take strong action against child sex offenders. Sex crimes are one of the most disgusting things in our society. The government should try to keep track of criminals to prevent them from repeating their crime, not just listing their personal information. The administration should make criminals register their place of residence as prescribed by law and restrict them from getting in and out of areas where there are a lot of children.

In order for adults and society to guard kids from sex offenders, the government should share information about them with the public. The police should give the information to grown-ups and to the schools located near a criminal’s residence. This information should not be online but in some books or on CD-ROMs. If the government permits people to easily access the information online, there might be some side effects - for example, criminals might go elsewhere and alter their personal information to commit another offense. Their families will suffer the consequences for a long time, and they might lose the opportunity of rehabilitation.

Lawmakers in the National Assembly should pass a bill about such as crimes as soon as possible. If they don’t, other children may become victims of sex crimes. Even though child sex offenders have human rights, ensuring children’s safety against sex crimes should come first. All Korean adults should protect children against sex crimes, and should be able to take care of their children with peace of mind.

Dickon, humanwoo@paran.com
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