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Terminator Salvation

Science fiction / 130 min. / English

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Drama/ 128 min. / Korean

To Hye-ja (Kim Hye-ja), her 28-year-old son Do-joon (Won Bin) means everything. She is a hardworking, industrious mother as well as a struggling shop owner, selling Chinese medicinal herbs.

Unlike his diligent mother, Do-joon is a troublemaker who is constantly getting into tight spots, which gives his anxious mother many sleepless, restless nights.

One day, Do-joon is falsely accused of murdering a young girl. After Do-joon’s arrest, his mother goes on a crusade to prove her son’s innocence. Standing in her way are the police, eager to conclude the case quickly, and a corrupt lawyer only interested in trying to squeeze out every penny he can from her.

With no help available, she goes out on her own to find the real murderer, becoming more and more desperate as the case draws to a close.

The film was directed by acclaimed Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho. With an all-star cast, the film’s release has been highly anticipated by Korean theatergoers.

See article, Page 8.

Boat (15)
Drama / 115 min. / Korean, Japanese
Hyung-gu (Ha Jung-woo) is a delivery man who commutes between the ports of Busan and Japan. One day, he is asked to take a big jar of kimchi to a Japanese businessman.
But the jar holds many secrets. One day, Hyung-gu accidentally discovers that the jar wasn’t only packed with kimchi, it also carried illegal drugs. Upon discovering the truth, Hyung-gu becomes increasingly anxious and confused. He is forced by his boss to make more deliveries, but the stakes are raised when the cargo is a kidnapped woman.
Hyung-gu must fulfill his duty, all the while being carefully watched by Toru (Satoshi Tsumabuki).

The film is the joint Korean-Japanese production and will be released in Japan with the title, "No Boys, No Cry."

Cloud 9 (18)

Romance, Drama/ 98 min. / German

Inge (Ursula Werner), a seamstress, is visited by charming customer Karl (Horst Westphal). The two fall in love and begin a secret love affair.

Inge tries to focus on her daily life with her husband of 30 years (Horst Rehberg), but cannot get Karl out of her mind, nor can Karl forget about the affair.

The secret relationship continues, though Inge struggles with feelings of having betrayed her husband and her burning passion for her new lover.

In order to overcome her feelings of guilt, she confesses the affair to her daughter (Steffi Kuhnert), but this only plunges her deeper into depression.

The German film, directed by Andreas Dresen and shot in Berlin, has received critical acclaim for its artistic and yet natural portrayal of the love of an older couple and their new-found joy.

The Echo (15)

Drama, Horror/ 95 min. / English

In this remake of a popular Filipino thriller, a young ex-con tries to start his life over and moves into a new home in an old apartment building. His neighbor, a violent police officer, is an abusive father and husband.

When the former convict tries to intervene to stop the violence, he becomes trapped in an apartment with a mysterious curse.

“The Echo” was shot to create a chilling atmospheric ghost story.

The film is directed by Yam Laranas, the director of the original film, titled “Sigaw.”

Romance of Astree and Celadon (15)

Romance, Drama/ 109 min. / French

This movie is a romantic drama about a forbidden affair, obstacles and temptations.

Set in the French countryside, Astree (Stephanie de Crayencour) is misled into believing that her lover, the shepherd Celadon (Andy Gillet), is guilty of infidelity. In a fit of rage, Astree confronts him, declaring that he is never again allowed in her presence.

In despair, Celadon throws himself into a river and everyone believes him dead. He is saved by nymphs but cannot bear the fact that he is forbidden to see Astree.

Insanely in love, Celadon disguises himself as a woman in hopes of meeting her again.

But he faces other obstacles, particularly in the form of the jealous nymph Galathee (Veronique Reymond), who wants to keep him for herself.

The film was adapted from the novel “Astree” by Honore d’Urfe, and was filmed in Auvergne, France, which is filled with beautiful natural scenes of pastures and forests.
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