[Letters] A problematic death

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[Letters] A problematic death

Already a week has passed since the death of former President Roh. I am deeply regretful for his death. However I still cannot help mentioning that it seemed rather irresponsible for the great man to choose death. The death of our ex-president shocked not only the Korean Peninsular but also the whole of Asia, and even the world. Being such an influential death, things did not turn out so peaceful as President Roh may have imagined before his death.

The death would have been the end to President Roh but it was also the beginning of much more. The citizens’ rage toward the incumbent government does not seem to be easily calmed down. I’m sorry to say - but must, since it is an important matter especially with North Korea making threatening tests - the death of Roh caused our nation to be disrupted once again.

Another horrible problem, though it may be assumed, is now that a president of a country has committed suicide, a whole lot more people, who had been contemplating suicide, would likely choose to follow Roh. This is because those people will be thinking that a president has committed suicide, so why shouldn’t I? Also, with the economy failing and workers getting sacked each day, the number of people who might think that there is nothing more to live for would not be small. Subsequently, because the suicide rate in Korea is one of the highest in the world and if all of these people decide to end their life, not only the rate would jump but also would cause the nation to be in chaos. This will further cause the country’s image to drop drastically, which has already been done by the former President Roh.

This is what our country is facing, but also must overcome. It is now the time for us to unite to confront the issues which threaten the national as well as international peace. And once again, I show my deep regards toward our “fool” President Roh.

Lee Chang-hwan, lil_alemo@hotmail.com
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