[Letters] The dark underbelly of showbiz

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[Letters] The dark underbelly of showbiz

Not long ago, a Korean actress who was just starting to become well known, committed suicide.

However, this suicide was much more shocking than other tragic suicides. Unlike other celebrities deaths, she opened up the dark side of the entertainment industry.

Bribery, sexploitation and serving drinks to people of a higher social status are prevalent in Korean entertainment, and are considered necessary steps for actresses to succeed or at least get their faces shown on television.

A recent poll conducted by a renowned television channel confirmed that four out of five celebrities have been asked to have sex to further their careers. This shows the reality of our corrupt entertainment industry.

Even more depressing is that even though people were aware of this matter, it has never been brought up in the open until recently.

As a student, this issue is problematic because many of my friends dream of working in the entertainment industry.

It is awful to think that some day my friends will suffer the same treatment as the aforementioned actress and might become another tragedy themselves.

The seriousness of this issue is that other nations are having the same problems. Teenagers all over the world who are dreaming about stardom are becoming potential victims.

The entertainment industry should respect the dreams of potential celebrities and their basic human rights.

Teens who are dreaming of becoming stars want to entertain people with their talents, whether it is singing or acting. They would not want to be considered a mere commodity that can be treated in any way.

For instance, one of my friends, who is preparing to become a singer, said a lot of girls were asked to expose the private parts of their bodies during auditions. My friend called the entertainment world dark, corrupt, tainted and undesirable at some rate .

This is not only my friend s opinion, but what most other girls are thinking. These potential celebrities should be respected and their dreams should be protected, not abused, because as human beings they have rights that should be respected.

Also, celebrities should try to reveal corruption and try to stop it, rather than hiding it and considering it a rite of passage to stardom.

When I saw a film about the life of Marilyn Monroe, I found out that she went through a lot of sexual harassment, but she put up with it.

This is serious, because as she endured it, the abuse became more frequent. Exposing the long- held corruption of showbiz would be a huge struggle for celebrities in the short term, but in the long term it could change the entertainment industry to be an ideal place that every star can be recognized by their talents.

There shouldn t be a second Marilyn Monroe among my fellow students.

Celebrities should try to stop the abuse by making their voices heard by the public, who will indeed be on their side.

A society where an entertainer needs only worry about how they can entertain to the public, and not about money, sex and threats, must be realized.

Many of my fellow students the beloved children of parents are in danger.

This exploitation could be prevented if people change the way they think about celebrities. Celebrities are not just a means of entertainment, they are human beings with the same emotions and insecurities as us all.

Shin Bee, student
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