[Letters] Unreasonable demands

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[Letters] Unreasonable demands

The ongoing militant occupation of Ssang-yong’s plant in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, and the police’s inability - or should I say, lack of will - to do their job and forcibly remove the strikers, are an embarrassment.

In America, SWAT teams would have been at the factory 59 days ago, and shots would have been fired if the workers used their slingshots.

I learned of a Korean word, “tte-beop,” which means unreasonable demands in the face of the rule of law. This type of violent disobedience of the rule of law is one of reasons behind the “Korean discount,” or lower than normal stock prices for Korean companies that is so often referred to in the financial world.

These unionists, or as they should be called, criminals, hurt the entire country every year.

The “summer strife” is coming again, and I wonder ?? will Korea ever wake up and realize that these types of actions by union members cannot and should not be tolerated?

Unfortunately, if history is any indication, I do not think so. It’s a shame.

John Charles, johncharles97@hotmail.com
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