2009. 8. 1 NEW ARRIVALS

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2009. 8. 1 NEW ARRIVALS

Losing Mum and Pup: A Memoir

Author: Christopher Buckley

Genre: Literature & Fiction

“I had more or less resolved not to write a book about my parents. But I’m a writer, and when the universe hands you material like this, not writing about it amounts either to waste or a conscious act of evasion.”

So begins award-winning satirist Christopher Buckley in the most personal and transcendent work of his life, the tragicomic true story of the year in which both of his parents died.


Author: Dave Cullen

Genre: Education

When we think of Columbine, we think of the Trench Coat Mafia; we think of Cassie Bernall, the girl we thought professed her faith before she was shot; and we think of the boy pulling himself out of a school window. Now, in a riveting piece of journalism nearly 10 years in the making, comes the story none of us knew. In this revelatory book, Dave Cullen has delivered a profile of teenage killers that goes to the heart of psychopathology. He lays bare the callous brutality of mastermind Eric Harris and the quavering, suicidal Dylan Klebold, who went to the prom three days earlier and obsessed about love in his journal.

The E-Myth Enterprise: How to Turn A Great Idea Into a Thriving Business

Author: Michael E. Gerber

Genre: Business & Investing

Michael Gerber turns his attention to business invention in this slim, straightforward book that distills the essential knowledge needed to create a completely original company. He identifies four essential facets of building a new company - visual, emotional, functional and financial - and the five essential skills: concentration, discrimination, organization, innovation and communication. Gerber shares success stories and insightful advice on how to conquer obstacles. He ends the book with a noble challenge to any company - to be a business with a conscience, to be responsible for the condition of the world it finds itself in. This quick, well-organized read is a valuable tool for budding entrepreneurs.

Master of War: Blackwater USA’s Erik Prince and the Business of War

Author: Suzanne Simons

Genre: Nonfiction

CNN executive producer Simons balances private and public accounts of Erik Prince, founder and owner of the country’s most notorious private military contractor. In this often glowing, mildly critical portrait, Prince is depicted as a fierce individualist, visionary entrepreneur and patriot, a guy’s guy born into enormous privilege, right-wing values and Beltway ties. Simons’ premise - that all questions arising from Blackwater’s relevance go back to one man - justifies emphasis on the personal, but the book is most instructive when straying to include Dick Cheney’s impact on Pentagon outsourcing or General Sanchez’s frustration over boundary confusion in Iraq between U.S. soldiers and the State Department’s veritable private army.

My Life in France

Author: Julia Child

Genre: Fiction

Julia Child single-handedly awakened America to the pleasures of good cooking with her cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and her television show “The French Chef,” but as she reveals in this bestselling memoir, she didn’t know the first thing about cooking when she landed in France.

Child’s unforgettable story unfolds with the spirit so key to her success as a cook and teacher and writer, brilliantly capturing one of the most endearing American personalities of the last 50 years.

Provided by Tongbang Publications Import Inc. These new imports are available at major bookstores such as Youngpoong Bookstore and Bandi & Luni’s.
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