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[Letters] Free Aung San Suu Kyi

The Myanmar court delayed to deliver a verdict on Aung San Suu Kyi’s case by saying that more time is needed to give the ruling. This act by the Myanmar court has been constantly criticized by civilians and other countries as it seems that the court is delaying the ruling until the upcoming election in 2010.

Myanmar is one of the few nations remaining with a military junta, and it is determined to maintain such a ruling system. This is the main reason why the Myanmar government has been oppressing Aung San Suu Kyi, who is the prime minister-elect of the country and an advocate for democracy.

I strongly believe that international organizations like the UN and the powerful countries of the West should make efforts to release Suu Kyi. She has been suffering from the pressures of the Myanmar military junta for decades only because she is supporting democracy. Even though she finally won the national elections in 1990, she could not serve due to political pressure.

Suu Kyi is a person who has constantly contributed to improving the lives of Myanmar’s people and is a leader for democracy.

It is now time for the world to help Suu Kyi more eagerly so that she and the citizens of Myanmar can achieve peace. Due to the Myanmar military junta’s isolated and protectionist measures, Myanmar’s people have been suffering from a bad economy as well as insufficient aid when a natural disaster occurred. For the sake of thousands of people, it is now the time for us to take more tough measures against Myanmar.

Chung Eun-jee, Gangnam District, Seoul

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