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This Is England (NR)

Drama / 100 / English

Set in 1983 in a small coastal town in England, the movie follows the life of 12-year-old Shaun (Thomas Turgoose). The boy lives with his mother, as his father was killed fighting in the Falklands War. Shaun is a loner and gets tormented by other schoolkids because of his clothing style. But a group of skinheads led by Woody (Joe Gilgun) is friendly to Shaun, welcoming him as one of the gang. Soon Shaun is attending parties, hanging out with girls and wearing hip clothes. But when Combo (Stephen Graham), an older group member, returns from jail, things start to get a bit complicated. Combo is a radical racist and nationalist who wants to take the gang under his control. Caught in the middle of this strange battle between the two skinhead rivals, Shaun is once again confused and perplexed.

Summer Wars (G)

Animation / 113 / Japanese

Kenji Koiso is a 17-year-old junior in high school. Being a math whiz, Kenji works part-time operating an online virtual city called “OZ,” where users shop, meet friends and even pay their bills through their avatars. During summer vacation, Kenji’s friend Natsuki invites him to Nagano, her hometown. But just when he arrives there, he receives a strange e-mail challenging him to solve a mathematical problem. When Kenji figures out the answer, chaos strikes OZ. The next day, there are television news reports about a criminal avatar loose in the cyber city.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (G)

Animation, Comedy / 94 / English

The group from the “Ice Age” series is back, but things have changed with time. The saber-toothed tiger Diego wonders if he’s gotten too soft since hanging with his friends and considers leaving the herd. Manny and Ellie are expecting their first baby mammoth. Sid the sloth, who is jealous of the two, decides to make a new family for himself, too - by stealing three T. rex eggs. But soon the mother Tyrannosaurus comes searching for her babies, taking her young as well as Sid back to the underground world where all the dinos live. Now it’s up to Manny, Ellie, Diego and their new friend Buck to save their friend.

Promise Me This (18)

Comedy / 127 / Serbo-Croatian

Tsane (Uro? Milovanovic) is a 15-year-old living with his grandfather ?ivojin Markovic (Aleksandar Bercek) in a small village in Belgrade, Serbia. His ailing grandfather has one last wish for Tsane: go to the city, sell a cow and then buy an icon, a souvenir and a wife for himself. In the city, Tsane meets Jasna (Marija Petronijevi), instantly falling in love. But to take her back as his wife, Tsane must save Jasna and her mother from local gangsters headed by Bajo (Miki Manojlovi).

Faith (15)

Horror, Mystery / 106 / Korean

Hee-jin (Nam Sang-mi) hurries back from Seoul to her hometown in the countryside when she hears that her little sister So-jin (Sim Eun-gyeung) has gone missing. Hee-jin is frantic, but all her mother says is that So-jin will come back if they keep praying. Though Hee-jin turns to the police for help, Tae-hwan (Ryu Seung-ryong), the officer in charge of the case, thinks the girl has simply run away.

But then a woman in the town commits suicide - leaving a will addressed to So-jin. Hee-jin and Tae-hwan discover that the woman attended the same church as the girls’ mother and hear rumors that a ghost has possessed So-jin’s body.

The Clue (15)

Horror, Thriller / 86 / Korean

Jeong-hun (Yoo Seung-ho) walks into his gym class at school early one day to find his classmate Tae-gyu (Jo Sang-keun) murdered. Da-jeong (Kang So-ra) comes in soon afterward and discovers Jeong-hun with blood on his hands. Jeong-hun becomes the No. 1 suspect. But Da-jeong, a mystery buff, doesn’t believe Jeong-hun would do such a thing and offers to help him clear his name. With best friend Do-il (Kim Dong-beom) aboard to lend a hand, the trio must solve the case in 40 minutes before the bell rings and everyone streams into class.

A Million (15)

Adventure, Thriller / 114 / Korean

Out of 100,000 applicants for a survival game show organized by an Internet broadcasting company, just eight are selected to participate in the event. The group - which includes 26-year-old documentary producer Han Ki-tae (Park Hae-il) and 28-year-old window washer Park Chul-hee (Lee Min-ki) - is then taken to the location of the show: a deserted island near Perth, Australia. The game begins.

But seven days later, Australian police find just one person alive. What happened over the past week?
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