[Letters] Humanitarian intervention in Myanmar

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[Letters] Humanitarian intervention in Myanmar

Myanmar’s military dictatorship continues to detain Aung San Suu Kyi because she is fighting for democracy. This is a gross violation of human rights and freedom.

As the Myanmar government lacks the ability and will to protect its citizens, humanitarian intervention is needed.

First of all, human rights are a universal value and must be protected at all costs. Human rights should be granted to any human regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality.

A state is a group of people and it exists for individuals. In this regard, individual human rights should be a priority.

The international community should step in to solve the human rights issues even though they may be domestic ones.

Moreover, international organizations, particularly the United Nations, should intervene in Myanmar for humanitarian purposes. According to Article 1.3 of the Charter of the UN, one of the UN’s goals and purposes is the protection of human rights. Thus, it has a strong responsibility to protect human rights in all countries around the globe.

Lastly, humanitarian intervention in Myanmar will enable the spread of liberal democracy and ensure world peace. The spread of democracy can bring about “democratic peace,” which is a peace that is maintained among democratic countries. Since rational citizens are the decision-makers in a democratic society, they will not risk their lives by starting a war.

Accordingly, protecting human rights and promoting democracy in Myanmar will be a building block for world peace.

All in all, international society should not simply neglect the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, but should intervene.

Sohn Seong-eun, Seoul
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