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[Letters] Private tuition fees

University education needs reform in order to reduce private education expenses. The current world is no longer in the industrialized era that stressed knowledge-centered education. Now, universities should provide education centering on creativity and ethics to students.

To begin with, the quality of public education and teachers should be improved. Students often decide to go to private programs since they are not satisfied with what they learn in schools. Liberalizing Korean education will be the key to solve this issue. Liberalization of education will not only increase competition among schools, but it will also encourage more financial investments. So, it will eventually improve the quality of education. The Korean government should also treat teachers well and provide them with a proper salary and reputation. Then, quality schoolteachers will not quit their jobs to become private tutors or Internet lecturers.

Furthermore, the university admissions system should be changed. Students are currently admitted to schools according to their CSAT scores. This system is making students believe that grades are everything in their lives. Universities should look at not only grades but also other qualities in students such as creativity, morality, logic and sensitivity to social issues. These can be evaluated by looking at students’ volunteering records and interviews or essays.

Education is the most vital investment put into the human resources and future of Korea. Korean education should give all students an opportunity to study without worrying about heavy private tuition fees.

Sohn Seong-eun, Songpa District, Seoul
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