2009.8.29 NEW ARRIVALS

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2009.8.29 NEW ARRIVALS

The Management Myth: Why the ‘Experts’ Keep Getting It Wrong (Hardcover)

AUTHOR: Matthew Stewart

GENRE: Business & Investing

Stewart reflects on his unconventional path to becoming a successful management consultant, despite a complete lack of business knowledge or experience, let alone an MBA. He offers an insider’s perspective on the industry, revealing the astonishingly high routine consultant fees and the absurdity of leading firms that depend heavily on consultants fresh out of school to tell them how to run their businesses. Following in the footsteps of shamans, consultants envelop their work with an aura of sacred mystery and outrageously unjustified levels of self-confidence to add to their perceived expertise. Gleefully revealing the magician’s tricks, Stewart takes readers on a whirlwind tour of how this industry came to be a powerhouse.

The Doomsday Key: A Novel (Hardcover)

AUTHOR: James Rollins

GENRE: Mystery & Thriller

Rollins’s labyrinthine sixth installment in the Sigma Force series (after “The Last Oracle”) offers plenty of intriguing science and history lessons.

Sigma Force director Painter Crowe gathers the usual crew - Cmdr. Grayson Pierce, his best friend Monk Kokkalis, and lumbering Joe Kowalski - to discover why an experimental agriculture site in Africa has been attacked and razed. Everyone at the site, including a U.S. senator’s son, was killed.

The group learns that the future of mankind may depend on the “doomsday key,” a strange substance brought to England long ago by ancient Egyptians that holds the promise of a new and powerful medicine.

A few of the book’s many highlights include genetic manipulation, traitorous beautiful women, illuminated manuscripts, saints, prophecies, curses and miracles.

Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine (Paperback)

AUTHOR: Glenn Beck

GENRE: Politics

In every era, great Americans inspire us to reach our full potential. They know with conviction what they believe within themselves. They understand that all actions have consequences. And they find commonsense solutions to the nation’s problems.

One such American, Thomas Paine, was an ordinary man who changed the course of history by penning “Common Sense,” the concise 1776 masterpiece in which, through extraordinarily straightforward and indisputable arguments, he encouraged his fellow citizens to take control of America’s future - and, ultimately, her freedom.

Nearly two and a half centuries later, those very freedoms once again hang in the balance.

Now, Glenn Beck revisits Paine’s powerful treatise with one purpose: to take back this great country.

Woman from Shanghai: Tales of Survival from a Chinese Labor Camp (Hardcover)

AUTHOR: Xianhui Yang

GENRE: Fact-based fiction

In “Woman from Shanghai,” Xianhui Yang, one of China’s most celebrated and controversial writers, gives us a work of fact-based fiction that reveals firsthand - and for the first time in English - what life was like in one of Mao’s most notorious labor camps.

Between 1957 and 1960, nearly 3,000 Chinese citizens were labeled “Rightists” by the Communist Party and banished to Jianiangou in China’s northwestern desert region of Gansu to undergo “re-education” through hard labor. These exiled men and women were subjected to horrific conditions, and by 1961 the camp was closed because of the stench of death.

Of the 3,000 inmates there, only about 500 survived.

Provided by Tongbang Publications Import Inc. These new imports are available at major bookstores such as Youngpoong Bookstore and Bandi & Luni’s.

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