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[Letters] Cell phone use in school

The cellphone has become a necessity among teenagers in Korea. They bring and use their cell phones everywhere, anytime. Many teenagers use their cell phones in school, but many schools try to prevent them from using cell phones. However, can a ban on using cell phones in school be justified? These days, there are lots of arguments about it. I think students have the right to use cell phones in school, so schools should not ban them.

A cellphone is an important communication tool. While students are at school, they use cell phones to communicate with other people. They communicate with their friends and family through cell phones, and teachers use cell phones to call students. If the school bans using cell phones in school, it will inconvenience many.

Since cell phones have more functions than before, students can use them for studying. For example, cell phones have an English dictionary and a calculator, so students can use them when they do their homework. Some use the stopwatch in cell phones when they solve mathematical problems. There are lots of other useful functions, such as a scheduler, an alarm clock, and so on.

When there is an emergency, students can quickly contact their parents or police. This is one of the most important reasons why students bring their cell phones to school. Several years ago, one of my friends got hurt by broken glass and he was bleeding badly. Because it was lunchtime, the teachers were out. Fortunately, he had his cell phone with him and he could immediately call an ambulance. Students can contact an adult through a cellphone when they have an emergency.

Although there can be some problems when students use cell phones in school, such as disturbing lessons and cheating on an exam, schools and students can solve these problems together. For example, students should control themselves, and not disturb others by using cell phones. They should not play with cell phones when they study. In addition, schools should make rules to prevent cheating by using a cell phone.

In conclusion, I think it’s okay for students to use cell phones in school. Schools should respect the rights of children to bring their private property to school. Cho Young-ji, high school student

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