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Bandslam (12)

Comedy, Drama / 111 / English

Will Burton (Gaelan Connell), who lives with his single mom (Lisa Kudrow), is an outcast at his high school. So when his mother gets a new job in a different city, he is more than happy to switch schools and start a new life. At his new school, Will meets Sa5m (Vanessa Hudgens) - the 5 is silent - whom he quickly falls for. He also becomes friends with Charlotte Barnes (Alyson Michalka), the school’s most popular girl and a talented singer-songwriter. Impressed with Will’s knowledge of music, Charlotte recruits him to be the manager for her rock band, which will perform at the biggest event of the year, a battle of the bands called “Bandslam.”

The Last House on the Left (18)

Horror, Thriller / 109 / English

With their teenage daughter Mari (Sara Paxton) in tow, Emma and John Collingwood (Monica Potter and Tony Goldwyn) head to their lake house for a break.

After they arrive, Mari leaves to meet her friend Paige (Martha MacIsaac), who works at a local store. There, they come across Justin (Spencer Treat Clark), who is visiting the town. He invites them back to his hotel room, where the two meet Justin’s family, a group of murderers who have just escaped from prison. After attacking the girls, the group seeks refuge in a nearby house - the very same one where Emma and John are staying, waiting for their missing daughter.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (18)

Horror, Suspense / 92 / English

This third film of the Underworld saga is a prequel that follows the centuries-old feud between the vampires known as Death Dealers and the Lycans, whom they once treated as slaves. Viktor (Bill Nighy), one of the rulers in the vampire world who is nearly 1,000 years old, is determined to exterminate the Lycan race.

However, one day Viktor finds a baby Lycan crying in a prison cell, and he cannot bring himself to kill the child.

The baby later grows up to be Lucian (Michael Sheen), who turns out to have special powers that the other Lycans don’t have. Impressed with Lucian, Viktor tries to takes control of him and his Lycan tribe. But Lucian is out to fight for freedom with the help of the love his life, Sonja (Rhona Mitra), who also happens to be Viktor’s daughter.

The Proposal (15)

Romantic Comedy / 107 / English

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is executive editor-in-chief of Colden Books, a publishing company. As head of the group, Margaret has it all - except for the fact that her workers hate her, including her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds).

When Margaret, originally from Canada, suddenly faces deportation to her native country, she tries to tell the U.S. government that she is engaged and about to be married. Margaret forces Andrew to go along with her scheme, and he reluctantly agrees to in return for a promotion. With an official from the INS watching their every move, the two leave for Sitka, Alaska, Andrew’s hometown, to meet his eccentric family.

Love Wrecked (12)

Romantic Comedy / 86 / English

Eighteen-year-old Jenny Taylor (Amanda Bynes) is head over heels in love with a world-famous rock singer. Convinced that superstar Jason Masters (Chris Carmack) is the one for her, Jenny finds a summer job at his favorite resort in the Caribbean, hoping to get close to the celebrity. Jason comes to the resort on vacation, and Jenny is more than excited, to say the least.

During a cruise, Jason falls overboard, and Jenny dives in to save her idol. The two discover themselves stranded on an island that Jenny later discovers is close to their resort. She hides the fact from Jason in order to spend some more time alone with him. But when her archenemy Alexis (Jamie Lynn Sigler) steps onto the scene, things get a bit more complicated.

My Life in Ruins (15)

Romantic Comedy / 95 / English

Georgia (Nia Vardalos) is a single Greek-American who finds herself leading tours around her motherland after losing her job as a professor of Classical Greek studies. She complains about the hordes of boorish tourists she has to escort around, and indeed, they are irritating.

There are the loudmouthed, ethnocentric Americans; the loudmouthed, drunken Australians; and the loudmouthed, stuck-up Brits. One of the reasons they don’t shut up, though, is because Georgia is a really lousy tour guide.

But Irv Gordon (Richard Dreyfuss), an aging widower who’s constantly cracking jokes, tells her to loosen up and be nicer to them. He even goes further to find Georgia her new love: her bus driver Poupi Kakas (Alexis Georgoulis).
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