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The Sword with No Name (15)

Drama, Romance / 124 / Korean

Moomyeong (Cho Seung-woo) is an assassin hidden in the shadows of the world. No one knows his name, his face or where he lives. But one day he meets Min Ja-yeong (Suae) and finds himself opening up to her. They are very different, but somehow form a bond.

However, Ja-yeong is on the verge of getting married to Gojong, the 26th king of the Joseon Dynasty and the first emperor of the Korean Empire. Moomyeong swears that he will protect Ja-yeong from harm and passes the national exam to be a palace bodyguard.

Meanwhile, Ja-yeong, now Empress Myeongseong, cannot spend one day in peace due to conflicting political views with her powerful father-in-law, Heungseon Daewongun. Amid the turbulent times, she senses Moomyeong’s sword is nearby, always keeping her safe.

But the empress is in danger, trying to save the weakening Korean Empire from the increasing Japanese influence over the peninsula. Though she has Moomyeong by her side, her enemies keep constant watch over her every move. Will Moomyeong’s sword be able to save her from death?

Closer to Heaven (12)

Drama / 121 / Korean

Jong-woo (Kim Myung-min) suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. With this disorder, Jong-woo will eventually lose the ability to stand, walk or use his hands and arms. He won’t even be able to eat normally or speak.

When Jong-woo’s only family, his mother, passes away, he meets Ji-su (Ha Ji-won) at her funeral. A childhood friend when growing up in the same neighborhood, Ji-su is now working at a funeral home. Jong-woo falls for Ji-su and a year later, they get married.

Though it’s difficult for Jong-woo to even lift a spoon by himself, he is happier than ever with Ji-su by his side. He is determined to fight his disease to the end. But as time goes on his condition gets worse day, leading to fear and depression that he struggles to overcome.

Fly, Penguin (G)

Drama / 110 / Korean

This film consists of different episodes. Seung-yoon (Ahn Do-gyu) is a 9-year-old kid who dreams of becoming a firefighter. He’s stressed out whenever his mom (Moon So-ri) is upset over his grades.

Ju-hoon (Choi Gyu-hwan) is a vegetarian. He also can’t drink, not even one glass. Working with a bunch of meat-eating, alcohol-loving people is about to drive him up the wall.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kwon (Son Byung-ho) lives apart from his wife and kids. Every day is torture, and 24 hours has never been so long.

Then there’s Mrs. Song (Jung Hye-sun), who is now in her autumn years and wants to spend the rest of her life doing something for herself. But her husband (Park In-hwan) is not pleased with her going off to dancing classes and not taking care of the family.

How to Live on Earth (15)

Drama, Romance / 93 / Korean

A woman and her husband make up one weird couple. She is a spy for the government, in charge of managing the nation’s top secrets and always off on business trips. She rarely sees her husband, who is a poet. To her, he is like an alien from outer space. She can’t understand him, and vice versa. To make matters worse, each have their own secret lovers. Will their marriage ever work?

One Week (12)

Drama / 94 / English

Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) is engaged to be married to his fiancee Samantha Pierce (Liane Balaban). But suddenly he is diagnosed with cancer. The doctor tells him that immediate treatment is required, and even so he has a very grim chance of surviving. Rather than beginning the treatment, he instead decides to take a motorcycle trip. He buys a new motorcycle and sets out on a journey from Toronto through the Canadian prairies to Vancouver Island. Along the ride, he meets new people who help him re-evaluate his relationship with Samantha, his current job and his dreams of becoming a writer.

The Ugly Truth (18)

Romantic Comedy / 95 / English

Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl), a TV show producer in Sacramento, California, is watching a segment of a local television show called “The Ugly Truth,” hosted by Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler). Abby becomes annoyed with Mike’s cynicism about relationships and immediately calls into the show, where she begins arguing with him on the air. The next day, Abby goes to work only to find out her own show has actually hired Mike for a segment to help boost its sagging ratings. The two don’t get along well at first. But when Abby meets her next-door neighbor Colin (Eric Winter), she can’t help but ask Mike for some advice. The two agree that if Mike’s ideas and advice are helpful, Abby will work with him on the show. But if his advice backfires, Mike will have to step aside.
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