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[Letters] KSAT information should be made public

Recently, the controversy over opening the score data of the Korean Scholastic Aptitude Test (KSAT) became a big issue. Some claim that the data can be used as important information for making better educational policies, while others are concerned real estate prices can be affected by the exhibition. I believe the test score data should be shown to the public for the reasons below.

First of all, in a democratic nation, any information except for special cases, such as the ones related to national security, should not be monopolized by some group. Objective data is necessary for the research of experts in order to build a creative and reasonable educational system.

In addition, accurate data and statistics are needed for the scientific and rational establishment of educational policies. Most Koreans agree that students’ academic achievement differs from region to region and school to school. However, the debate over the resolution of this problem is often emotional and abstract because objective information of real educational situations are not being suggested.

For example, the academic difference between students in Seoul’s Gangnam District turned out to be serious through recent KSAT score exhibition. This shows that parents’ expectation of boosting their children’s academic achievement just by moving into the Gangnam area is not always correct.

Third, factual data is needed for exact evaluation, reward and punishment. Let’s say that a principal has moved to a new high school, worked with dedication and raised the academic level of the students. The evaluation of this principal should be supported by objective information that anyone can agree upon. Is there any other source of data that every high school students are tested as equally and strictly as the KSAT?

As all citizens are considered experts on school policies, education is a hot issue in Korea. However, many people still do not trust on the government’s education policies. I think that the main reason is the lack of accurate information. Postponing the exhibition of the scores because of worries about a few minor side effects is not the best thing to do. I suggest all scores of the KSAT should be revealed. Cho Won-shik, Yangchung High School student
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