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Good Morning President (G)

Comedy / 132 / Korean

Director Jang Jin’s “Good Morning President” pokes fun at politics and the personal lives of fictional political figures. This marks the return of actor and international star Jang Dong-gun, who plays one of the three fictional presidents. His character was reportedly modeled after U.S. President Barack Obama. Korea’s Barbie-doll actress Han Chae-young plays the daughter of another president who falls for Jang’s character in this political comedy.

New York, I Love You (15)

Romance, Drama / 103 / English

Following the premise of “Paris, Je T’aime,” “New York, I Love You” is another montage of 11 short films that feature love as the theme - but this time the Big Apple is the backdrop.

The collaborative project features imaginative directors such as Natalie Portman, Shunji Iwai, Mira Nair, Wen Jiang and Fatih Akin and an all-star cast that includes Shia LeBeouf, Portman, Orlando Bloom, Hayden Christensen, Maggie Q and Christina Ricci.

While the stories may be unrelated, they reveal the spontaneous encounters that unfold in one of the world’s most diverse and vibrant cities.

Pandorum (18)

Sci-fi, Horror / 108 / English

“Pandorum” stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster as two astronauts that wake up on an abandoned spacecraft. They find that they are alone and have no recollection of where they are or what happened to their ship. Scene by scene, the truth is slowly uncovered as they realize the horrifying truth behind what really happened. This German/U.S. co-production shows a terrifying glimpse of what could happen if the world came to an end.

Fighting (15)

Action, Drama / 105 / English

Channing Tatum, star of “GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” portrays a young man named Shawn who struggles on the streets of New York City. His lifestyle causes him to get into some trouble, but a con man, played by Terrence Howard, takes him under his wing and introduces him to the underground street-fighting scene of New York City. From there, Shawn finds himself caught in a whirlwind of money and love - but like everything, it always comes with a cost.

Cake (15)

Romance, Comedy / 94 / English

This romantic comedy stars Heather Graham as Pippa McGee, a freelance travel writer who is turning 30 and is slowly starting to realize what kind of baggage comes with that age: growing up, becoming responsible and finding true love.

To make matters more complex, she runs into problems with her family and finds herself caught in a complicated love triangle with her father’s right-hand man and a free-spirited photographer.

Grace is Gone (G)

Drama / 85 / English

Director James C. Strouse’s tearjerker “Grace is Gone” reflects on the American public’s reaction to the war in Iraq. It’s told through the eyes of a middle-class family-man named Stan Phillips, played by John Cusack, whose wife was a sergeant with the U.S. Army. When he finds out she was killed, he doesn’t want to tell his daughters what happened to their mother. Instead, he takes them for a car ride that leads them to one of his wife’s favorite amusement parks in Florida, and they make a pit stop at his mother’s house before he makes his final decision.

LaLa Sunshine (15)

Crime, Drama, Thriller/ 63 / Korean

After director Aaron Kim’s romantic comedy “Hello, My Love,” he sheds some light onto darker themes for his feature debut, “LaLa Sunshine.” Indie film actress Yang Eun-yong graces the screen once again as scriptwriter Su-jin, who has a painful past. She reads an article about a murder case involving art curator Lee Mi-ra, who was raped by an artist in a gallery but wound up killing the rapist in self-defense. This inspires Su-jin to write a screenplay based on the scenario. She creates a character named LaLa and hires hit men to kill the man who committed the crime. Writing this script conjures up memories of Su-jin’s own past, and she uses the time to reflect and heal. This also triggers a series of events that leads Su-jin to meet Mi-ra in person.

Maybe (12)

Romance, Drama / 101 / Korean

Singer-turned-actress Sung Yu-ri hits the screen as a 26-year-old South Korean adoptee who returns to her homeland for the first time since she was adopted. Her search for her biological parents fatefully leads her to Eun-sul, played by Jang Hyuk, who has a rare heart disease that could be fatal. When they first meet, Eun-sul feels an urge to help the woman find the answers that she’s looking for and piece together her past.
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