2009. 10.24 NEW ARRIVALS

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2009. 10.24 NEW ARRIVALS

Fur Person (Paperback)

AUTHOR: May Sarton

GENRE: Literature & Fiction

A delightful, whimsical tale of one of the most popular books for cat lovers ever written, now newly illustrated. May Sarton’s fictionalized account of her pet’s life and adventures prior to coming under the author’s care begins with a fiercely independent, nameless street cat who follows the 10 commandments of the “Gentleman Cat” - one of which is, “A Gentleman Cat allows no constraint of his person, not even loving constraint.”

But after several years of roaming, Tom Jones, as he is called, has grown tired of his vagabond lifestyle, and he concludes that there might be some appeal after all in giving up the freedom of street life for a loving home. It will take just the right human companion, however, to make his transformation from “Cat About Town” to genuine “Fur Person” possible. Sarton’s book is one of the most beloved stories ever written about the joys and tribulations inherent in sharing one’s life with a cat.

Gourmet Today: More than 1,000 All-New Recipes for the Contemporary Kitchen (Hardcover)

AUTHOR: Ruth Reichl

GENRE: Cooking, Food & Wine

In no other period of our country’s history has the food scene changed so rapidly. Exciting new ingredients are available everywhere, expanding our culinary horizons. Even casual meals have globe-trotting flavors. We want memorable dishes, and we want them to be healthy for our families and our planet. And with our busy schedules, we want them on the table faster than ever.

A new culinary world calls for a new cookbook. “Gourmet Today” responds to our changing foodscape with more vegetarian recipes, more recipes for popular dishes from every corner of the world, more recipes for stunning meals ready in 30 minutes or less and more simple ways to prepare all the vegetables at the farmers’ market. It also includes advice on choosing sustainable fish, chicken, and beef, tips on throwing an easy cocktail party, more recipes for flavorful techniques like grilling, and additional recipes for the new ingredients flooding our market.

Dear Undercover Economist: Priceless Advice on Money, Work, Sex, Kids and Life’s Other Challenges (Paperback)

AUTHOR: Tim Harford

GENRE: Business & Investing

In “Dear Undercover Economist,” the first collection of his wildly popular Financial Times columns, Tim Harford offers witty, charming and at times caustic answers to our most pressing concerns - all through the lens of economics.

Does money buy happiness? Is “the one” really out there? Can cities be greener than farms? Can you really “dress for success”? When’s the best time to settle down? Harford provides brilliant, hilarious, unexpected and wise answers to these and other questions. Arranged by topic, easy to read and hard to put down, Dear Undercover Economist lends an outrageous, compassionate and indispensable perspective on anything that may irk or ail you - a book well worth the investment.

Twenties Girl: A Novel (Hardcover)

AUTHOR: Sophie Kinsella

GENRE: Literature & Fiction

Remember “Topper,” that impossibly sophisticated and goofy 1937 ghost tale of blithe spirits bugging the only living soul who can hear them? Kinsella creates an equally vexing and endearing shade of fiction in “Twenties Girl: A Novel.” Sadie is a wild-at-heart flapper with unfinished earthly business who badgers her great-niece Lara into doing her bidding. Predictable mayhem and the most delightful romp a ghost could ever have ensue. Sadie discovers just how loved she really is, and Lara channels her inner ’20s girl to discover the difference between wanting to be in love and finding love.
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