[Letters] Flu situation is critical

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[Letters] Flu situation is critical

Regarding an Oct. 26 editorial, “Fighting the flu,” I strongly agree that we are in a critical situation in which the death toll is increasing and the number of confirmed patients is rising rapidly. Furthermore, we are heading toward winter, in which the swine flu is likely to become a worse pandemic. No wonder people are getting panicked as fear of the deadly flu has built up within just 10 days.

Fortunately, the government has moved to deal with this situation more actively, starting vaccination. Like most parents, I have been worried about my kids who attend schools every day. It is said that the government has established the procedure and method of vaccination. Also, I really hope that the government can secure enough vaccination doses for all the people who need them.

I also agree that we can have side effects in the process of vaccination. It would be very sad if we are not able to get vaccinated in due time, resulting in our deaths. We need wisdom to live together, allowing the people who need it urgently to get the shot first. Therefore, health authorities should prepare the perfect master plan and persuade people to comply with that. Also, they shouldn’t forget to be aware of the possible appearance of variations of the virus.

It is exactly right that people should keep hygiene regulations in their everyday lives. Many schools are being closed to block the spread of the virus even if they have made efforts: washing hands, wearing masks and covering mouths when sneezing or coughing.

In my opinion, it is time to take another step forward to prevent massive contagion. There is a Korean saying about losing an important thing, “having closed the barn door after the horse has bolted.” People are an essential element for our country. The government should try to prevent the loss of even one more person.

Kim Hyuk-gi, wisebridge@paran.com
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