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[Letters] Working moms

Regarding the editorial on Oct. 20, “Keeping women working”: The reality for many working moms is having too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. We should reformulate policies to relieve their heavy burden and retain a balance in their careers and family life.

First of all, working moms badly need help from their husbands. Husbands should not only do house chores but also take care of children. In essence, parents have equal responsibility in caring for their children. Working moms supported by their husbands have become much more confident and give full play to their abilities compared to others. The chief of the personnel department at Kookmin Bank, Mr. Song, says that some talented working moms quit their jobs because they want to spend more time with their kids or because of difficulties of combining work and family responsibilities. Now, the husband’s role in a family must respect the value of her job and free working women from oppressive housework as a supporter.

Next, the workplace must seek a more women-friendly environment. According to the latest survey by the Ministry of Gender Equality, the Women Friendliness Index influences the quality and the quantity of a business. Those with high WFI in their workplaces have increased both their financial success and productivity by more than 30 percent. Thus, employers should actively encourage people to use parenting leave without considering social status. Employers are also required to improve the working conditions of working moms such as offering full-time or part-time jobs for those with children, and allowing them to use the day care center more often. The workplace should guarantee that they will be reinstated to their former positions after taking parenting leave.

Finally, the government needs to increase the nursing budget to help keep working moms in the workforce. The consistent and common desire among working moms is to be assured that their kids are in safe and warm-hearted hands while they are at work. Therefore, the government needs to adopt a flexible work option system. It is the single most important factor in allowing working moms to create lives that they want for themselves and their families. Also, society should provide high-quality, full-time child care facilities or after school activities as well as reliable meals for their kids while waiting for their mothers.

Indeed, being a working mom is a challenge in Korea. They have decided to forgo doing things for themselves, like working out, reading books or spending time with their friends. There’s no “me” time. Working moms are “on” at the office and they are “on” at home. They know that they need to strive to create a balance, but it is hard to make it happen. Keeping talented working moms in our society strengthens the well-organized competitiveness in the workplace. I salute working moms who keep our businesses and communities strong with cheers and compliments. The more happy working moms around us, the more ideal lives we can have.

Jenna, ohhyejon@hanmail.net
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