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This Is It (G)

Documentary / 111 / English

Coming on the heels of Michael Jackson’s death, director Kenny Ortega’s film documents the King of Pop’s rehearsals for his never-to-be “This Is It” tour. This highly anticipated documentary, which incorporates both on-stage and behind-the-scenes footage from Jackson’s last days, was originally going to be a straight-to-DVD release. But in light of the pop star’s death just before the tour, the backers of the film scheduled a worldwide theatrical release. The soundtrack includes some of his past hits like “Beat It” and “Bad” as well as his new single “This Is It.”

The Relation of Face, Mind and Love (12)

Comedy, Romance / 107 / Korean

Kang Tae-pung (Kang Ji-hwan) is an internationally renowned architect and every woman’s fantasy. His luck changes when he gets into a car accident and is diagnosed with a temporary visual impairment that leaves him unable to distinguish between the beautiful women and the not-so-beautiful ones. When he meets reporter Wang So-jung (Lee Ji-ah), his fuzzy vision tells him she is beautiful and he falls in love. In reality, however, she’s just the opposite of what he finds attractive. Meanwhile, So-jung is unaware of Tae-pung’s temporary condition and can’t help but fall for his charming good looks. Will things be the same after she leaves for a business trip and Tae-pung’s condition improves?

A Blind River (18)

Drama / 122 / Korean

Lucas Paedora is a Korean adoptee who goes to Korea after 30 years. He meets Mari, who helps him find his biological mother, but the only information they find is that he was found in the city of Daegu when he was a child. While Lucas, whose Korean name is Sung-chan, wants to get married and start a family, he chooses to pick up the pieces of his past, and a night spent in a motel room triggers a chain of memories that may help him.

Searching for the Elephant (18)

Romance / 145 / Korean

With the tagline “depression, decadence and desire,” this film delves into the lives of three affluent, thirtysomething men in Seoul, and depicts their playboy lifestyles behind closed doors. The three friends struggle with schizophrenia, sexual addiction and infidelity. Freelance photographer Hyun-woo (Jang Hyuk) was dumped by his girlfriend, but still finds pleasures at night. Plastic surgeon Min-seok (Jo Dong-hyeok) has a new partner every night even though he’s married. And Jin-hyuk (Lee Sang-woo) meets up with his friends after 12 years and falls in love with Min-suk’s wife. These complications lead to a shocking conclusion when all three men realize the consequences of their actions.

Goemon (15)

Adventure, Action, Historical Drama / 127 / Japan

This Robin Hood tale is based on the life of Japanese folk legend Goemon Ishikawa, who is a ninja bandit and a hero who steals valuables from the rich to give to the poor. One night, he steals a strange box from a wealthy merchant, which holds the key to the assassination of a leader who was killed on the night before the unification of Japan. When the secret is leaked, chaos ensues in the world of the “Sengoku” also known as the “warring states.” The film was written and directed by Kazuaki Kiriya and stars Yosuke Eguchi as Goemon.

New York, I Love You (15)

Romance, Drama / 103 / English

Following the premise of “Paris, Je T’aime,” “New York, I Love You” is another montage of 11 short films that feature love as the theme - but this time the Big Apple is the backdrop.

The collaborative project features directors such as Natalie Portman, Shunji Iwai, Mira Nair, Wen Jiang and Fatih Akin and an all-star cast that includes Shia LeBeouf, Portman, Orlando Bloom, Hayden Christensen, Maggie Q and Christina Ricci. While the stories may be unrelated, they reveal the spontaneous encounters that unfold in one of the world’s most diverse and vibrant cities.

The Executioner (18)

Drama / 97 / Korean

“The Executioner” attempts to show the underlying controversies surrounding death row. The unemployed Jae-kyung (Yoon Kye-sang) finally gets a job as a prison guard. But he starts to lose confidence because of the ill-tempered inmates. His supervisor, Jong-ho (Cho Jae-hyun), takes Jae-kyung under his wing and teaches him how to survive in the ruthless and unfamiliar world. One day, Korea decides to enforce capital punishment for a serial murder case and Jong-ho and Jae-kyung are left to carry out the death penalty. When the day arrives, the prisoner and both Jong-ho and Jae-kyung realize that they’re both in some way a part of death itself.

These synopses were culled from http://www.imdb.com and http://movie.naver.com.
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