[Letters] Regarding the Oct. 26 editorial “Fighting the flu”

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[Letters] Regarding the Oct. 26 editorial “Fighting the flu”

I can concede the writer’s opinion, but I am still worried about our situation. As we expected, the flu infection is spreading by exponential progression. Especially in schools, there are mass breakouts of this epidemic as students spread it between their friends rapidly.

First, the government should relieve people’s anxiety about the vaccination procedure by promoting the exact inoculation guidelines to the people and companies.

Second, our government and ministry of education need to make a joint effort to take specific actions for the possibility of a students’ pandemic.

Third, people should show more civil spirit to overcome the chaos. Everyone is afraid of catching a cold, even those who are in a low-risk group such as healthy and young people. Moreover, some parents cannot take care of their children during the day, so they send their sick kids to school. In this critical situation we need to display our citizenship properly by following personal hygiene regulations and trusting the government’s actions.

People say that wisdom comes alone through suffering. With this ordeal, we can come together and have the power to support each other. It is necessary to have a bond between the government and people. I strongly believe that we can fight the flu and minimize the potential damage.

Hwang Kyoung-soon, Heyday98@naver.com

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