[Letters] Benefits of an orderly society

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[Letters] Benefits of an orderly society

Regarding the Oct. 26th column “Order is Japan’s flaw, Korea’s edge”, my opinion is that the attitude of maintaining order is not a defect, and that being an individual living in a globalized world, people should show respect toward other countries’ typical national traits.

While I lived in Japan nearly one year, I visited many temples. Their distinctive feature is their well-arranged garden kept with great delicacy. The man-made beauty is obviously different from other countries aiming at natural beauty. Don’t be surprised at seeing a hard worker cleaning every day even in unnoticeable places. That’s the way Japanese live.

All I insist is that there are not superior or inferior cultures, but diversities. Just because they are not alike, people should never say that something is wrong.

As everybody is worried about the environment, Japan also strives to implement appropriate policies by suggesting legal standards. At first, people might be struggling to separate their garbage neatly in the fixed place and on their specific collection day.

However, people will get accustomed to the strict policy gradually. Furthermore, becoming aware of it is quite worthwhile. Japan’s pursuit of strong measures is not binding the nation but making a better society to live in.

Across the road from my apartment in Japan, there was a kindergarten. Every single morning, a teacher appeared at the appointed time and escorted the little kids to class.

According to the National Police Agency, at least 80 children a day are killed and injured due to car accidents and 80 percent of them occur near schools or houses. Additionally, 70 percent of those casualties meet with an accident while walking.

A society cannot be too careful in emphasizing safety. Add to that their attitude of keeping order in public places, and it looks much more beautiful than chaos.

Fundamentally, a healthy society is governed based on ability rather than being left to luck. To develop the infinite potential energy and the national prestige of a proud Korea, the young generation should think of order as more significant than disorder, and display their mature views on the world stage in order to become more global.

Libby, leunk9806@naver.com
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