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2009.12.11 TICKET


Dec. 16 to 27: “Artists Who Paint Books.”

This exhibition is dedicated to the beauty of books as works of art.

In their works, nine artists - Kim Geun-bae, Kim Eun-gi, Seo Yu-ra, Lim Su-sik, Cheon Eun-gyeong, Ham Myeong-su, Hwang Sun-tae and Hwang Yong-jin - portray a society, influenced by the media and technology, that has lost the desire to read.

The pieces these nine artists have created focus on the psychological and philosophical significance of books as an integral part of life.

Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 1


GALLERY K.O.N.G., Palpan-dong

Tuesday to Jan. 16: “One Man Theater.”

Artist Jun So-jung was part of Gallery K.O.N.G.’s exclusive roster of artists before she went to Berlin for a year-long residency.

It was there that she started her “One Man Theater” project, and she plans to continue showing it in different cities around the world for the next 10 years.

This version of the project consists of 20 performance art pieces that have people portraying actors, directors, designers, dancers, curators and other jobs with different cultural backgrounds.

To assemble her cast, Jun placed a help wanted ad and assigned each person a character. The performers then chose the costumes, props and makeup they needed to make the character complete. They also created their own dialogue.

The exhibit consists of a small stage and each performer is free to present the character as they wish.

Jun is hoping that viewers will see something of themselves in the characters, causing each person to reflect upon his or herself.

As an artist, Jun has participated in various exhibitions, including “Jeune Creation 2009,” a biennale held in Paris, and the International Festival for Arts and Media in Yokohama.

Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 1


OPERA GALLERY, Cheongdam-dong

To Dec. 30: “Magic Mixture.”

As the last exhibition of the year, Opera Gallery has invited two European artists, Philippe Pastor and Ilana Gal, to exhibit their work in celebration of the holidays. As the exhibition’s title, “Magic Mixture,” implies, the two artists combine extraordinary materials to create original sculptures that will remind visitors of the science of alchemy.

Philippe Pastor was born in Monaco in 1961 and is one of Monaco’s most renowned artists. He showed his work at the 2007 and 2009 Venice Biennale, where he was chosen to represent Monaco. He says his only art teacher was nature and that he was also self-taught. He uses a variety of natural resources from Monaco to make his paint and incorporates other materials like leaves and sand into his work.

Ilana Gal was born in 1968 at Israel. After graduating from the Israeli Academy of Emek, she fully concentrated on developing her artistic abilities. She incorporates elements of varying shapes and sizes into her paintings, creating new patterns and decorations. As the mother of four children, she says she is highly influenced by her children’s paintings, and says that is why her work seems to have no boundaries in terms of lines and colors and is full of imagination. She is also known for layering different types of materials in abstract works that have a mystical and magical feel to them.

Cheongdam Station, line No. 7, exit 9


KEUMSAN GALLERY, Heyri Art Village

To Jan. 10: “Linked: New Yorkers meet Londoners.”

This exhibition features the works of five established artists and four emerging artists, all of whom have studied abroad.

The nine artists - Kim Min-kyeong, Kim Min-ju, Kim So-hyun, Ryu Seok-ju, Park Hye-won, Lee Yoon-jeong, FanChon Hoo, Lisa Elmaleh and Theo Niderost - will show work in their respective fields of photography, oriental art, copperplate art and design.

The exhibition explores the concepts of life outside the borders of Korea and the importance of interpersonal relationships while also investigating relationships within the art world and the meaning it has for individual members of society. The artists also aim to show the connections that exist in the categories of space, material, subject matter and artistic philosophy.

Heyri Art Village began as a place for book publishing and grew into a haven for artists working in diverse fields, from visual and graphic art to architecture, photography, sculpture, ceramics, film, music and literature. The area hosts over 30 galleries, in addition to bookstores, cafes, music halls and theaters.

The area also supports a number of guesthouses for those who want to take a weekend trip to explore the area.

From Hapjeong Station, line No. 2 and 6, exit 2, take the number 2200 bus to Heyri Art Village.


Information is culled from the galleries and other online sources.
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