Entertainment mogul Yang Hyun-seok to settle down with singer Lee Eun-joo

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Entertainment mogul Yang Hyun-seok to settle down with singer Lee Eun-joo


Yang Hyun-seok

Yang Hyun-seok, the 41-year-old chief executive of YG Entertainment, announced that he will marry Lee Eun-joo, 30, his girlfriend of nine years and a former member of the girl group Swi.T.

Yang made public his relationship with Lee – which had previously been secret - on his official Internet home page.

Yang said “I was an immature single man when I habitually kept saying that I wouldn’t get married ever, but now I think it’s time for me to end my single life and prepare for getting married.” He then announced, for the first time, that he was involved with Lee, whose band Swi.T had been managed by YG.

While acknowledging that “I am slowly getting ready to leave my single life behind,” Yang also said that “we are not planning our wedding this year.”


Singer Lee Eun-joo

Yang also mentioned how, when a member of Seotaiji and Boys, he made a pact with lead singer Seo Taiji to never have a wedding. “I promised to him not to have a wedding though I will get legally married.” He underscored that by saying “it’s a promise between two men and I will keep my word by not holding an open ceremony.”

Lee, who is a former member of Swi.T and Mugadang is also the younger sibling of Lee Jae-jin, a former member of the boy band Sechs Kies, once one of the most popular teen groups.

In the announcement, Yang showered Lee with affection, saying “for the past nine years, I’ve never seen a woman prettier than my girlfriend. I think we are a match made in heaven.”

He also mentioned the sad news that prompted the decision to settle down: “Shortly after her father’s death, Eun-joo’s mother passed away in 2008. It was hard for me to see her going through such grief. Then, I decided to be a lifetime companion and protector for her.”

He added that “Today is her 30th birthday. I hope my announcement will be a small present and I want to make an apology to her. I am so sorry for putting her in a difficult situation while seeing me for the last nine years.”

Finally, he said “From tomorrow and her next birthday, I promise that I will make her happier. This is the end of my secret love. Thank you all.”

By Song Su-hyun Intern Reporter [ewebmaster@joongang.co.kr]
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양현석은 9일 오후 4시께 YG엔터테인먼트 홈페이지의 'FROM YG'를 통해 자신의 결혼 소식을 알렸다.

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양현석은 "9년을 만나면서 단 한번도 다른 여자가 내 여자 친구보다 더 예쁘다는 생각을 안 한 것을 보면 제 눈에 단단히 뭐가 씌었던가 아니면 흔히 말하는 천생연분인 듯 싶다"고 이은주에 대한 지극한 사랑을 과시했다.

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