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From Paris with Love (18)

Crime, Action / 94 / English

James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) leads an enviable life in Paris as a personal aide to the U.S. ambassador in France and has a gorgeous French girlfriend. Despite having it all, his actual interests involve his other job as a low-level operative for the CIA and becoming an agent. After he is offered his first senior-level assignment, he meets his new partner and special agent, Charlie Wax (John Travolta), who has been sent to Paris to stop a terrorist attack. As Wax leads Reece on a shooting spree through the underworld of Paris, Reece realizes that he’s become the target of the same crime ring that they are trying to bust and that there’s no turning back.

The Rebound (15)


Romance, Comedy / 93 / English

When Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a housewife and mother of two, discovers her husband’s infidelity, she decides to start a new life and moves to New York City with her young son and daughter. She rents an apartment above a coffeehouse and befriends one of the waiters, Aram Finklesetein (Justin Bartha).

At 25, Aram lives with a woman who only married him to get a green card, and his family believes he is wasting his life and education by working as a waiter. Sandy hires him to be her nanny while she is at work. The soon begin to date, but both begin to wonder if their relationship is real or if they’re just on the rebound.

Up in the Air (15)

Comedy, Drama / 108 / English

In this film, based on the Walter Kirn novel by the same name, director Jason Reitman introduces Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), who is a corporate downsizing expert and leads most of his life up in the air. He flies around the U.S. more than 320 days of the year and his job is to fire people.

When his boss hires Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), she becomes a threat to Bingham after she comes up with a way to use video conferencing to terminate their clients so they don’t ever have to leave the office.

When Ryan realizes that Natalie does not understand the nature of their business, he decides to take her on one of his cross-country trips, and slowly they both start to realize the disheartening reality of their profession.

A Prophet (18)

Thriller, Drama / 154 / French

This French crime thriller is set in a prison and chronicles the life of a 19-year old Malik el Djebena (Tahar Rahim), who is from North Africa, but estranged from the Muslim community.

After he is sentenced to six years in prison for alleged violence against the police, a feared prison kingpin, Cesar Luciani (Niels Arestrup), tells him to kill another prisoner. When he commits the murder, he gets accepted into the prison’s Corsican gang and life becomes increasingly dangerous for Malik, but he also begins to change as his power grows.

Little Big Soldier (12)


Action, Comedy / 95 / Mandarin

Written and produced by Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, this film portrays the dark times in China when ruthless warlords ruled and millions perished. A battle between two enemy states, Liang and Wei, lasts all day and only two men are left standing.

An unnamed old soldier (Jackie Chan) had feigned his death and captures the other survivor of an enemy state, a young general (Wang Leehom), and then takes him on a long journey to collect the reward. Along the way, a slew of mishaps, misadventures and plot twists between the captor and captive make for an eventful journey.

It’s Complicated (18)

Comedy, Romance / 114 / English

Jane (Meryl Streep) has been divorced for 10 years, has three grown children and manages a bakery in California. Her ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), has remarried a younger woman and they finally establish a good relationship. After their son’s graduation, Jane and Jake end up having an affair and Jane becomes the other woman. Things get complicated when Adam (Steve Martin), an architect hired to remodel Jane’s home, begins to fall for her. Although Jane and Jake think their relationship will stay on a different plane, it ends up disrupting other people’s lives.

Little DJ (G)

Romance / 129 / Japanese

This story of friendship and young love involves Taro (Ryunosuke Kamiki), 12, who is hospitalized in Hokkaido for a blood condition. To cheer him up, the hospital director lets him take over the hospital radio station temporarily and Taro becomes the resident D.J., spinning tunes for other patients and staff. Then one day, Tamaki (Mayuko Fukuda), 13, is admitted to the hospital. As they start to spend time together, they begin to fall in love, until Taro’s condition starts to deteriorate.

*These synopses were culled from http://www.imdb.com and http://movie.naver.com.
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