Suspect refuses to partake in most of re-enactment

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Suspect refuses to partake in most of re-enactment

Busan police yesterday did an on-site re-enactment of the rape and killing of a teenage girl, hoping it would shed light on questions left unanswered by Kim Kil-tae’s confession.

But the 33-year-old, two-time convicted rapist refused to participate in most parts of the re-enactment, claiming that he does not remember what happened. During the earlier interrogations, he admitted only to dumping Lee’s body, but said he was too drunk to remember the details of the abduction, rape and killing.

As the re-enactment got underway, so did a National Police Agency plan for tougher monitoring of convicted sex offenders. The agency said yesterday it will come up with legal measures to conduct more one-on-one supervision of sexual predators, and expand supervision to include those with fewer than three convictions for sexual crimes, as the law now provides.

Under intense police supervision, Kim left the detention center of Sasang Police Precinct of Busan around 10 a.m. and headed to the neighborhood of the 13-year-old victim, Lee Yu-ri.

Hundreds of enraged neighbors gathered near the site, shouting insults and criticism at Kim throughout the course of the two-hour re-enactment.

Even as he and the police arrived at Lee’s home, Kim refused to admit that he had entered the house and abducted her on Feb. 24. When police presented Kim with strange footprints found inside the victim’s house, he grumbled, “I have nothing to say. Honestly, I cannot understand this on-site re-enactment.”

At a nearby empty house, where police suspect Lee was raped and killed, Kim again refused to cooperate, only saying “I don’t remember.” As a policeman re-enacted the dumping of Lee’s body, Kim admitted to hiding it in a nearby water tank, where it was found on March 6.

“I tied her ankles with rope and put the body inside a bag, but it did not fit in,” he said. “I put her clothes in a plastic bag.

“I felt sorry that she would feel cold. I threw in the bag inside the water tank and mixed limestone powders and poured that in. I put the lid on and placed a brick on top.”

As a prosecutor asked him if he remembered the time, Kim shot back, “Do you really think I could have afforded to look at the watch?”

Kim and police visited six sites connected to the crime inside a 500-meter radius, all connected by a maze of narrow alleyways. At one spot, the site where Kim was arrested on March 10, so many people were gathered that no re-enactment was performed.

The police will further investigate the sites and hand the case over to the prosecution before the week ends.

Police said yesterday that they had obtained additional evidence against Kim, including paper towels found inside the plastic bag that contained DNA traces from both Kim and the victim. Kim said he only learned about the paper towels during the police interrogation.

Previously, police had identified DNA found inside the victim’s body as Kim’s, and experts said that is more than enough to prove Kim guilty of rape.

But as the re-enactment failed to turn up more evidence of the key charges, the prosecution will have the burden of pressing a murder charge with scant physical proof.

A pair of gloves, a sweater and a bag that Kim used when he dumped the body were also found, but no material evidence connected to the killing has yet been discovered.

By Ser Myo-ja, Kim Sang-jin []
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김길태, 여중생 살해 현장검증, 시신 가방 옮긴 장면 재연 거부, 시민들 “너도 똑같이 당해봐야”

부산 여중생 이모(13)양을 납치 살해한 김길태(33)에 대한 현장검증이 16일 부산 사상구 덕포동 범행 현장에서 진행됐다.

현장검증은 이양의 집→이양을 성폭행한 뒤 살해한 무당집→시신을 유기한 물탱크→김의 부모 집→검거 장소 순으로 이어졌다. 현장검증은 오전 10시에 시작해 낮 12시30분까지 2시간 반 동안 진행됐다. 김은 시신을 유기하는 장면에서는 순순히 범행을 재연했으나 성폭행·살인한 대목에서는 혐의를 완강히 부인했다.

현장검증을 지켜보기 위해 몰려든 시민들은 “김길태, 이 xx야” 등의 욕설을 퍼부었다. “모자를 벗겨라” “너도 똑같은 방법으로 당해봐야 한다”고 외치기도 했다. 김의 얼굴을 본 뒤 “섬뜩하다”며 돌아서는 사람들도 있었다. 일부 시민은 아파트 옥상과 계단의 창문을 통해 현장검증 장면을 내려다봤다.

현장검증을 위해 사상경찰서 현관에 모습을 드러낸 김은 심경을 묻는 취재진의 질문에 고개를 숙인 채 묵묵부답이었다. 모자가 달린 검은 재킷에 같은 색 체육복 바지를 입고 포승줄에 묶인 모습이었다. 마스크는 쓰지 않았다.
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