Gum spitting major target of summit cleanup push

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Gum spitting major target of summit cleanup push

Xylitol fans will need to think twice before they gum up the streets of Seoul. The city government announced yesterday that, starting soon, people who spit out their chews on the street will be fined up to 50,000 won ($44).

The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s measure is meant to improve and maintain the city’s clean image ahead of the G-20 Summit in November. Seoul is the host city for the major international event.

The revised littering ordinance will slap a fine of 30,000 to 50,000 won, in line with the fines for tossing away trash or cigarette butts, on any person caught spitting gum on the capital’s byways.

Gum had not previously been included in the littering ordinance because the city lacked legal grounds for fining gum spitters. “Though spitting gum on streets makes the city dirty and is disgusting, a crackdown against gum spitters didn’t go well” in the past, said a Seoul city government official. The need to clean up for G-20 changed that.

In line with the revision to the ordinance, government officials said they will launch a campaign asking Seoul residents to stop spitting gum on the streets, and will soon start cleaning it off roads across the city.

By Kim Mi-ju []
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앞으로 서울 거리에 껌을 뱉다 적발되면 3만~5만원의 과태료를 물어야 한다. 김재민 서울시 클린도시담당관은 19일 “주요 20개국(G20) 회의 등을 앞두고 깨끗한 도시 미관을 위해 무단투기 행위 신고 대상에 껌을 추가하는 내용을 담은 폐기물관리조례 시행규칙 개정안을 입법예고했다”고 밝혔다. 4월 20일에 열리는 서울시의 조례시행규칙심의위원회가 이를 승인하면 개정안은 곧바로 시행된다. 의회를 통과해야 적용되는 조례 개정안과 달리 규칙 개정안은 의회를 거치지 않는다. 현재 폐기물관리조례 시행규칙은 무단투기 단속의 대상이 되는 물건을 ‘담배꽁초, 휴지 등’이라고만 규정하고 있어 껌이 이에 포함되는지는 의견이 분분했다. 이 때문에 껌을 뱉는 행위에 대해서는 단속이 잘 이뤄지지 않았다.

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