Yu-na gets a night on the town in Turin

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Yu-na gets a night on the town in Turin


Kim Yu-na

TURIN, Italy - Kim Yu-na got a much-needed break from the rink in Turin, Italy, before her scheduled return to Korea this afternoon.

Kim capped off the 2009-10 International Skating Union season with a gala show and interview with the press on Monday.

She then headed out with Kwak Min-jung and Kim Min-seok for a night on the town in Turin.

The three skaters toured the Piazza Castello, or Castle Square, downtown.

Yesterday, Kim visited an outlet mall near Milan with her mother and employees of her sports agency.

She was set to tour Milan after the shopping spree, but canceled the trip and returned to Turin.

The 20-year-old skater normally does not stick around after tournaments and instead heads back to either Seoul or Toronto.

“When I competed in Turin three years ago I went back to Korea right away. It was nice to have a chance to tour the city and go shopping this time around,” said a beaming Kim.

The brief time away from the ice and the spotlight was necessary breather for the skater, who faces a hectic schedule once she returns home.

Kim is slated to shoot eight television commercials for products ranging from electronics to automobiles to dairy items, all of which had been put off to let her concentrate on the Olympics.

She also must attend photo shoots and various events organized by her sponsors.

Aside from her dizzying array of commercial obligations, Kim is also set to participate in the “Festa on Ice 2010,” which features world-class skaters such as Kiira Korpi of Finland and Patrick Chan of Canada.

She will practice for about a week before the event, which is set to take place in Jamsil, southern Seoul, from April 16 to 20.

“I want to get my driver’s license. I have a lot of things I want to do, but realistically speaking, all that seems difficult at this point,” said Kim. The skater is set to return to Toronto in late May or early June.

By On Nu-ri [jason@joongang.co.kr]
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