FC Seoul trounces Bluewings 3-1 in the K-League

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FC Seoul trounces Bluewings 3-1 in the K-League

It was billed as the biggest rivalry in the K-League but it didn’t amount to much of a match yesterday as FC Seoul jumped to an early lead and romped to an easy 3-1 victory over the Suwon Bluewings.

With the win, FC Seoul improved to four wins and one loss and took sole possession of second place in the K-League standings.

Suwon had a slight edge coming into the match with a record of eight wins, eight ties and seven loses against FC Seoul since 2004. And even with the loss, it still holds the all-time record between the two teams at 23 wins, 14 draws and 19 losses. But that edge wasn’t enough to keep back the hosts.

Seoul had been playing sound football based on solid defense but lagging in the scoring department, with a majority of its goals coming against weaker opponents such as Gangwon FC and Daejeon. That changed yesterday when it came out aggressive against Suwon, scoring early to bag the game in the first half.

Portuguese right winger Ricardo Esteves opened with a 24th-minute goal and forward Jung Jo-gook added another on a header three minutes later. Defender Choi Hyo-jin scored FC Seoul’s third in the 32nd minute to conclude the first half, 3-0.

Forward Dejan Damjanovic of Montenegro, who has scored 28 goals in 49 appearances for FC Seoul since 2008, played the setup role, as he assisted on all three goals.

Suwon, whose shaky defense has been a concern this season, is now averaging three goals allowed per game over the last five matches. Defender Kang Min-soo of Suwon managed to score off a header in the 47th minute but that was all the squad could manage.

In addition to its shortcoming on offense, Suwon was missing its stars.

“Since we are participating in the Champions League we have several players missing from our lineup, including Lee Sang-ho and Yeom Ki-hun. It will be a challenge but we will not back down,” Suwon manager Cha Bum-kun had stated at a press conference on April 2.

Yesterday’s game attracted 48,558 fans, second largest ever for a Korean professional sporting event. The largest single-game attendance at a Korean sporting event on the April 8, 2007, when the game between FC Seoul and Suwon which drew 55,397.

In other K-League matches, hosts Busan lost to Daegu 2-0, Jeonbuk defeated Incheon United 3-2 and Jeju United tied Seongnam at one goal apiece.

By Jason Kim [jason@joongang.co.kr]
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수원은 지난 4일 서울월드컵경기장에서 치러진 쏘나타 K-리그 2010 6라운드 FC 서울과 라이벌전에서 1-3으로 완패했다. 이번 패배가 더 가슴 쓰린 것은 경기 내용에서 완벽하게 서울에 뒤졌다는 점이다.

킥오프 직후부터 서울의 공세에 시달린 수원은 전반 24분부터 8분 동안 에스테베즈-정조국-최효진에게 릴레이골을 내줬다. 게다가 세 골 모두 데얀의 도움에서 비롯됐다. 데얀의 개인기에 수원 수비수들이 허둥대는 동안 공간을 파고든 서울의 선수들이 '원샷원킬'로 득점에 성공했다.

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