An arm or a leg? That’s team spirit

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An arm or a leg? That’s team spirit

What would you sacrifice to see your country win football’s World Cup? Food for a week, according to a survey that also found fans willing to lose a limb for their team’s glory.

Fifty-one percent of respondents to the tongue-in-cheek survey of 20,000 people, who hail from countries with teams in the June 11-July 11 World Cup, said they would starve themselves for a week if it would bring victory to their national squad.

More than 40 percent offered to give up dating for a year, while 7 percent would gladly give up their job to see their country win the title. A further 4 percent were willing to give away a body part.

The survey was conducted by U.S.-based international calling firm VIP Communications Inc.

It found that a majority of English respondents - 93 percent - would give up food for a week to see England win, while some 70 percent of Italians would give up their job for an Italian victory. Americans were most willing to sacrifice their homes, while Koreans were most ready to sacrifice their love life.

The people least willing to make a sacrifice? Only 3 percent of Slovakians would give up anything to improve their country’s chances of victory.

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