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[Letters] Give celebrities a break

When looking at the numerous celebrities who committed suicide last year, it is obvious that they were under extreme pressure. Many of them were being insulted and denounced by people due to their mistakes or for no reason at all. Although people might have the right to admire whoever they like, they do not have the right to denounce other people who are trying their best to entertain audiences.

What is giving the celebrities an especially hard time is the fact that people do not easily accept their apologies.

For instance, a member of a Korean idol group last year was severely criticized when people thought he made insulting statements about Korea before his debut. Although his statements could have been seen as simple complaints of a teenager just like anyone at his age and in the same situation as him might have said, people overanalyzed his statements and made him seem like a betrayer of the country.

If people had considered his background more carefully - that he grew up in the United States and came to Korea alone when he was a teenager and had to adjust to the new language, culture and other differences - people might have been more understanding and criticized him less. Although his statements might have seen rude, I doubt that people had to criticize him until he was forced to go back to where he came from, leaving so many fans behind in Korea.

It is certainly true that celebrities should watch their behavior more carefully as they are recognized by many people.

However, they are also humans who can make mistakes and also try hard to resolve problems when they occur.

There is a Korean boy band that people suspected of plagiarizing other singer’s songs, and they were given the nickname “Fake Band,” because people thought they were not even playing their own instruments.

The truth is, Korean television programs do not have the right sound equipment to play their instruments live. The band actually practices from early in the afternoon until late at night or even stays up all night to practice. They even have been performing in numerous places to prove that they can actually play their instruments.

Also, members of the band participated in writing the lyrics and the music for their upcoming second album to prove their talent and get rid of the rumors of plagiarizing from their first debut album.

However, after one of their new songs was introduced to the public, people still criticize their songs again without even listening to them, and simply ignoring the time and effort the group members have put in.

The point is, people should be lenient on celebrities. If people do not like a certain celebrity, that is understandable, however, hurting others’ feelings and denouncing others just because they are not someone’s preference is an implausible behavior.

If people really find it necessary to give negative comments, they should do it after they have fully understood the overall situation.

Thus, I believe that it is important for people to open up their minds and hearts to understand celebrities and realize that they are also humans, just like we are.

Kang Ji-young, senior student at Jinseon Girls’ High School
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