[Letters] Change ‘Red Devils’ nickname

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[Letters] Change ‘Red Devils’ nickname

Why must we change Korea’s World Cup supporters’ brand name? First, the name was originally labeled by others, not by us. In retrospect, the current name we use for our national football representative team originated in 1983 when our U-19 national youth team qualified in the final four and the name was given by overseas media not by us. I think we just imported the name without prudent consideration.

Second, a World Cup national supporters’ name should be something worth representing national identity. The World Cup is an international competition having a great impact on international societies and its member countries should do their best at the World Cup to upgrade their national brand. And I don’t think the “Red Devils” is at all appropriate for our national identity and national credit, either.

Third, it is our responsibility to hand over a proud name for our children. It is never beneficial to them if we give the nickname Red Devils to our future kids. Actually, it is an insulting name contrary to our national image and children’s emotions. In any society “devils” are never welcomed. It is high time we find the best name for all of us and time we replace the bad name of Red Devils. Also, to the outside world, “devils” is synonymous with “Satan” or “evil being.” I am sure nobody is happy with these names.

Fourth, we should show our honourable respect to our predecessors by having the best name for any word affiliated with our national identity. It is never polite to our ancestors and to our history to have an I-don’t-care stance on whether Red Devils represent us or not.

Fifth, every country wants to have the best name in any way possible for their benefits when it comes to national heritage. It is never trendy and never stylish to wear the Red Devil brand for our nation. It is a sort of self-murdering, suicide action against our national identity as the Republic of Korea. If we are late in finding the best name for us and if we say it doesn’t matter to use Red Devils for our national football supporters’ name, we are being irresponsible to our founding fathers, to us, to our future children and to the world as well.

Lee Kyong-kun,

a researcher on European politics
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