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Hear Me (All)

Romance, Drama / 109 / Chinese

For Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng), the delivery boy for his parent’s restaurant, going from place to place is part of his daily routine.

One day, his job takes him to a swimming pool, where he falls for Yang Yang (Ivy Chen), the sister of his customer and Paralympic swimmer Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen). The two become friends.

On the day of their first date, Xiao Peng is injured in an accident, and is not able to participate in the Paralympics, an event that changes their relationship.

Ip Man 2 (15)

Action, Drama / 108 / Chinese

Starring Donnie Yen, this sequel picks up where the first film left off, continuing the semi-autobiographical adventures of martial arts grandmaster Ip Man. The film follows the hero and his family as they move to Hong Kong in the 1950s, where Ip Man sets up a school to teach his discipline of Wing Chun martial arts to a group of eager pupils. Ip Man must first defeat a host of challenges though before he can become the most respected master in all of Hong Kong.

No Impact Man: The Documentary (All)

Documentary / 92 / English

While issues such as global warming and environmental sustainability are all the rage these days, this story of one family’s attempt to last a single year without leaving any carbon footprint would surely make even the most dedicated tree-hugger rethink a few things. Part gimmick and part human-interest story, No Impact Man traces the real-life journey of a husband, wife and their young daughter in New York City as they try to give up most of modern life’s essentials - electricity, takeout food, toilet paper and motorized transportation - and discover something greater about themselves along the way.

Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails (All)

Animation, Action, Adventure / 61 / English

This animated film is based on a British children’s series that follows the adventures of a helpful locomotive named Thomas the Tank Engine and a cast of lovable characters as they work the rail lines and teach children the spirit of teamwork. This time around, Hero of the Rails introduces three new characters to the mix - a train named Hiro, a steam engine named Victor and a crane named Kevin.

Street Dance 3D (All)

Drama, Romance / 98 / English

This British dance movie tells the story of a London street crew that is forced to share rehearsal space with ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School in order to win the Street Dance Championships. Centered around a love story about people from different sides of the track, the film may lack originality, but it more than makes up for it with energetic dance sequences ? brought to life in 3-D ? and an eclectic soundtrack.

Ghost/Be With Me (15)

Horror, Thriller / 109 / Korean

Directed by Jo Eun-kyung, Hong Dong-myung, Yeo Myung-jun and Kim Jo Kwang Su, this omnibus film tells three different stories about high school students and the mysterious things that happen to them.

The first story shows what happens with an initiation ritual for the new members of the school’s theater club. The second story tells of two best friends - Nam-hee (Kim Kkot-bi) and So-young (Sin Ji-su) - who compete to get a letter of recommendation for college from the school principal while also vying for the affections of the same boy, two incidents that tear their friendship apart.

In the third story, Cheol-min (Lee Min-ho) meets a girl named Seo-hee (Choi Hye-Kyung), who is actually the ghost of a dead girl who has never forgotten her first love. Cheol-min agrees to help Seo-hee meet her first love, but fights with a ghost who was a serial killer when he was alive.

My Dear Desperado (15)

Comedy, Drama, Romance / 105 / Korean

Dong-cheol (Park Joong-hoon) is a good-for-nothing bastard and a poor fighter, but he is also eloquent.

When a woman named Se-jin (Jeong Yu-mi) moves in next door, Dong-cheol is intrigued. The feeling is not mutual, however, and she turns on him in anger.

Later, when Se-jin tries to get a job, Dong-cheol starts coming around. And even though he always talks too much, Se-jin finds herself falling for him.
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