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[Letters] Ending online attacks

An article in the June 11th JoongAng Daily issue showed another victim of netizens’ attacks. The singer Tablo was interviewed after netizens roared with comments stating that his educational degree at Stanford University is fake. From the photo below the article, I could see that he got straight-As at Stanford. All this singer did was work hard at studying and music.

During the interview, he broke into tears, talking about how he was worried that the last thing his ill father experiences is the unreasonable attack on the family. Abusive postings on the Internet have yet again caused the breakdown of another celebrity who brightened the country. You know what happened to the actress Choi Jin-sil.

Netizens do not only attack celebrities. They criticize every post and photo others put up on their blogs or Web sites.

The whole Web is becoming a battlefield. We should know that abusive postings have actually become a common “culture” in Korea. Some might think this is kids just poking fun at things, but this is a serious crime. This is the same as many people bullying one person.

Netizens should be more aware of what problems abusive postings cause, and the government should initiate stronger and stricter laws against cyber crime. Also, we should make sure there is enough education on netiquette in schools.

The continuation of this kind of crime will lead to the self-destruction of cyberspace in Korea. The Internet is like a home to future generations. We should all work hard to develop a positive Web environment for ourselves and the future.

Park Ju-young,

student at Gimpo Foreign Language High School

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