[Letters] From Right vs. Wrong to ‘Like’ vs. ‘Not like’

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[Letters] From Right vs. Wrong to ‘Like’ vs. ‘Not like’

For me, the story of Adam and Eve - and their decision to eat the forbidden fruit - was once just a simple explanation of how sin had come into the world. But I make more of the story now: it was the first instance of “disobedience,” but what does “disobedience” really mean?

The simplest explanation seems to be that, today, disobeying means weighing one’s likes and dislikes - instead of rights and wrongs - to make a decision.

Adam and Eve’s decision was the first one made solely based on desire. Since then, different areas in life have changed similarly, affecting us today.

A good example is plastic surgery. There was a time when people debated whether it was right or not. But at some point, more and more people began to think that it really was a choice given to each person. Clearly, the mainstream view today is that it’s not a matter of right or wrong; it’s really a question of whether you want it or not.

Another example? Homosexuality. We used to talk about it - whether we should accept it or not, whether it was a biological or psychological or perhaps a spiritual problem.

Now? Anyone bringing up the topic - anyone who dares to start a discussion on whether it’s right or wrong - is treated like the worst loser.

People will tell him, “Dude, why don’t you shut up and just accept everyone as who they are like everyone else?” The mainstream idea today is that it’s really up to one’s choice.

“If you’re going to hate gay people that’s fine. If you’re going to love them and embrace them, that’s better. But let’s not discuss the essence of it all.”

More areas are changing in the same way. But with this pattern of change affecting more and more aspects of life, the world is getting messier each day. Will you choose what’s right or simply what you feel like doing?

I want to say it’s really up to you, but it’s much more than that.

Woo Hyo-eun,

student at Seoul Global High School
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