EBS lecturer fired after disparaging military, men

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EBS lecturer fired after disparaging military, men

A female video lecturer on the public Educational Broadcasting Station lost her job after ranting to students about men, military service and how they prevent world peace.

In the Korean language lesson uploaded on the EBS Web site Saturday, instructor Jang Hee-min, 38, said, “Men like talking about their time served in the military, right? They always ask for special favors just because they went to the military. But they have to realize they go and learn how to kill people. After all that women go through to bring them into this world, that’s what they learn. So what have they done right? What are they supposed to protect? This world would be at peace if they didn’t serve in the first place.”

The lesson was for the Korean language portion of the annual college entrance exam. Jang also teaches Korean at Hana High School in Seoul. The video went viral after young viewers posted clips of it on popular video sharing Web sites, including YouTube. “This makes me realize that people in public offices or employment should be held to a higher standard of care in their speech and actions,” commented one viewer, Lee Sang-hoon, on a Web site.

EBS’ president Kwak Duk-hoon posted a formal apology on the station’s Web site, saying he “couldn’t understand [Jang] and that he was perplexed by the video, as he, too, served in the Army.” Kwak apologized to the “young people who were hurt by Jang’s statement” and took partial responsibility for releasing the video without careful examination.

The broadcaster decided to fire Jang after an emergency board meeting early yesterday morning. Jang also posted an apology on the Web site through her producer, saying that “no excuses would ever forgive her of the statement,” and that she “did not mean it out of spite.”

By Christine Kim [christine.kim@joongang.co.kr]

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“군대 가서 사람 죽이는 걸 배워” EBS 강사 군 비하 발언 파문

현직 여교사인 EBS 수능강사가 인터넷 수능 강의 도중 군대 비하 발언을 해 파문이 일고 있다. EBS는 이런 발언이 담긴 동영상 강의를 지난 3월부터 인터넷에 탑재했으나 네티즌들의 지적으로 문제가 되자 25일 뒤늦게 강의를 삭제했다.

문제 발언이 담긴 강의는 EBS의 ‘수능특강 언어영역’. 서울의 한 사립고 국어교사인 장희민(38·여)씨가 강의 중 남자의 언어 특징에 관한 설명을 하다 “남자는 군대에 가서 죽이는 걸 배워 온다. 죽이는 것을 배우면서 뭘 잘했다는 건가요”라고 말했다.

그는 “여자들이 그렇게 힘들게 낳아놓으면 그들은 죽이는 걸 배워 온다”며 “그러면서 뭘 지키자고 하는 것인지 모르겠다”고 말했다. 이어 “처음부터 (죽이는 것을) 안 배웠으면 세상은 더 평화롭다”고도 했다.

일부 네티즌이 지난 24일 이런 발언의 문제점을 지적하면서 사이버 공간에서 장 교사에 대한 비난 여론이 일었다.

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